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Synonyms for Latvian

a native or inhabitant of Latvia

the official language of Latvia


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Widespread fluency in English enables young Latvians to compete for jobs in Britain and America.
With Latvia's Declaration of independence in May of 1990, the 1919 citizenship law was officially reinstated - leaving the ethnically non- Latvian half of the population effectively stateless.
Rescue workers were stopping work periodically to listen for survivors and for the sounds of mobile phones in the wreckage, Latvian TV said.
During the Soviet era (1940-1991), Latvian history had been distorted and adjusted to fit the ideological framework created by the Communist Party.
Latvian citizenship will also be retained for every person who becomes a citizen of another country through marriage or adoption.
To prepare, a team composed of McClelland, Ambassador Judith Garber, Public Affairs Officer Amy Storrow, General Services Officer Mark Bliss, Political-Economic Officer Heath Bailey and Vice Consul Sara Veldhuizen Stealy developed a song and dance routine that recapped their musical journey through the Latvian language.
During the meeting, Shaikh Mohammed welcomed the Latvian official's visit to the UAE, asserting that it will yield important results and strengthen the friendship ties bonding the two countries and their peoples.
THOUSANDS of Latvians living in Ireland go to the polls today for a referendum on their country's future.
Our knowledge of Latvian politics might be a little limited but it takes only a couple of minutes to become embroiled in an unfought civil war between "Russians" and the Nazi Latvians.
This collection of nine papers is the product of a conference called on the 90th anniversary of the original establishment of Latvian independent statehood that brought together invited speakers from Latvia, Great Britain, and the United States in order to reflect on the relationship between the state and nationhood over three historical periods: Latvian sovereignty during 1918-1940, incorporation into the Soviet Union during 1940-1991, and the restoration of sovereignty post-1991 and later accession to the European Union.
President on the occasion of the Latvian National Day.
Apart from meeting his host, President Gjorge Ivanov, the Latvian president also met with Parliament Speaker Trajko Veljanoski and Prime Minister Nikola Gruevski.
5 March 2010 - Latvian brewers produced 138 million litres of beer in 2009, up 5.
In an attempt to preserve the Latvian language and prevent ethnic Latvians from becoming a minority in their own country, Latvia enacted language, education, and citizenship laws which require a working proficiency in the Latvian language in order to become a citizen.
The Latvian anthem was played and the programme featured the Latvian flag and pen portraits of Latvian players.