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Synonyms for Latino

a native of Latin America

an artificial language based on words common to the Romance languages

related to a Spanish-speaking people or culture


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It is important to make a distinction between enrolling and serving Latino students in policy conversations about Latino student success.
For many major public, private, and non-profit corporations the Latino market is very relevant to the company's business, given that Latinos constitute an ever-growing base of current and potential customers, employees, executives, suppliers, and stakeholders.
Gibson employed all Latino actors and crews for his new movie, ``Apocalypto,'' about the end of Mayan civilization.
Latino children, including limited English proficient (LEP) students, compose a significant percentage of the overall public school population (Carrasquillo, 1999).
There he became a principal with Ballet Hispanico, where for 35 years artistic director Tina Ramirez has promoted styles, dancers, and--rare in American troupes--choreographers from the Latino community.
what's been called Hispanic ministry is really mostly ministry to Latino immigrants.
The survey results are perhaps not surprising when one considers the growing Latino population in the United States.
As an Afro-Cuban, he is one of the original community organizers of both the Latino and African American communities.
Rafael Diaz, research director of the Institute on Sexuality, Inequality, and Health at San Francisco State University, surveyed 912 Latino men at gay Latino/a venues in Miami, New York, and San Francisco.
FOR Washington Post REPORTER Roberto Suro, making life in the United States better for Latino immigrants like his parents, who came to the country from Puerto Rico and Ecuador, means making it harder for the would-be immigrants of today to follow them in.
The task he has undertaken--to tell the story of Latino immigration, both legal and illegal--has daunted many.
2 percent have been from ethnic minority groups, predominately Latino (54.
In each of my work settings, I was asked to assist in interpreting as well as carry my own caseload because I was often the only Latino professional in the area.
VOY's channels will feature a variety of programming created by award-winning Latino producers from across the U.