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write in the Latin alphabet

translate into Latin

cause to adopt Catholicism

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This will be unfamiliar to the reader who is schooled in the Latinized rubrics of the English-speaking world.
linguist Anatoly Liberman speculates that the word might even come from the Yiddish word ghectus, a Latinized form of gehektes or enclosed.
When it is read aloud, according to the rules of Latin pronunciation, it must sound like English being Latinized, and actually convey meaning in a form of terse, telegraphic speech.
IN THE STARS Left, Cygnus gets its name from the Latinized Hellenic (Greek) word for swan.
Thanks for the survey on the Latinized translation of the Roman Missal.
Latinized spellings, old punctuation, lack of accents or antiquated use of accents do not result in "delightful combinations" (44), but rather in useless distortions.
It took decades for anyone to realize that these were backward spellings of the Latinized version of Niccolo Cacciatore.
Peyrouse notes that "[t]he old Cyrillic textbooks were actually banned before the new Latinized ones arrived to replace them", exacerbating the already dire situation in schools.
Much of the new German missal is already highly Latinized and inelegant, so I don't anticipate there'll be any special German features marking it off from other language translations," Arens said.
Known in the West by the Latinized version of his name, Avicenna, Ibn Sina wrote treatises such as "The Book of Healing" and "The Canon of Medicine," as well as a vast scientific encyclopedia.
7), the book excludes two sizeable regions--namely Sicily and Calabria--that fell under Norman rule; Oldfield concentrates instead on Latin documents in the most Latinized areas of the South.
Taken together, these six chapters amount to a comprehensive portrait--but not a complete biography--of Rabbi Moses ben Maimon (1138-1204), known in the Latinized West as Maimonides, and to Jewish devotees by his Hebraized acronym RaMBaM.
Despite the fact that Hutchinson lets us know that Tucson, Arizona, an Aztlan state, has been welcoming cultural space for many Mexican-Americans, there are still many social tensions, and cultural barriers that restrict the mobility of a greater Latinized culture.
After all, the Latinized term 'Wallia' came to express the Wales-wide ambitions of the most powerful princes.
She has a little bit of everything on this CD, including Frank Sinatra's Cha- Cha-Cha and the salsified version of the classic pop song titled Vehicle (previously latinized by Carlos Oliva & Los Sobrinos del Juez, back in the 1980s).