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Synonyms for Latinize

write in the Latin alphabet

translate into Latin

cause to adopt Catholicism

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Fast and Bilingual: Fast & Furious and the Latinization of Racelessness.
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Pretension is a constant threat, but one that Finsel charismatically deflects--as he did here, via the pig latinization of all his titles and the corporeal theatrics of his pet shapes.
DiaspoRican youth in Rana City spoke to the Latinization of their community (Irizarry, 2011) in a myriad of ways, offering their appraisal of the shifting cultural landscape expressing their hurt regarding the negative responses from non-Latina/o community members to the changing demographics of the town and its schools.
Over the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries severe Latinization occurred in many of these Byzantine rite churches, and thus many solidly Tridentine practices will still be observed in these parishes (such as Benediction and June devotions to the Sacred Heart).
They named the site Mamucium, which is perhaps derived from the Latin mamma, meaning udder or breast; or perhaps it is a Latinization of the earlier Celtic word mamm, which refers to a swell of land above the rivers.
38) Those familiar with the experiences of Eastern Catholic Churches will no doubt understand the intended reference to Latinization, which was the process wherein native Byzantine traditions were suppressed or were eliminated and traditions of Western Christianity were inserted into the rite where they did not natively belong.
Mambo Montage: The Latinization of New York (New York: Columbia University Press, 2001); and Nicholas C.
Third, the thrust of the High Middle Ages, at least from the viewpoint of infinity, is probably to be situated in the voluminous act of Latinization of Greek and Arabic philosophical texts which had become available through the conquest of some Islamic centres in Europe, retaining the respective heritages.
The specific name refers to the "poblano-tlaxcalteca" valley, latinization from the name of the Catholic Diocese of Tlaxcala.
Some scholars refer to this as the Latinization of America.
The Latinization of New York City) como la samba, la salsa, el mambo, la cumbia, el merengue, el tango, el flamenco y que no se circunscriben a un espacio cerrado sino que se "infiltran" "desde afuera" en el "adentro" de la "alta cultura" a nivel mundial, en el baile clasico, el baile moderno, el baile postmoderno, el baile contemporaneo.
Mohl, "Globalization, Latinization, and the Nuevo New South", en Pippa Holloway (ed.
Even his pen name is a complex anagram, Latinization, reversal, and retranslation of his Christian names: Charles Lutwidge to Edgar Cuthwellis to Carolus Ludovicus to Ludovicus Carolus to Lewis Carroll.
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