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Synonyms for Latin

an inhabitant of ancient Latium

a person who is a member of those peoples whose languages derived from Latin

relating to languages derived from Latin


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There are other instances of Nahua Latinists introducing themselves in a similar way: a decade earlier in 1552 the native governor of Tlacopan, Antonio Cortes Totoquihuatzin, had stated in a letter to Emperor Charles III "we may be judged to be humans of the lowest condition and may seem to be of no worth in the eyes of Spaniards" [abjectissimae conditionis homines censeamur, nulliusque precii apud hispanos videamur].
Daniel Gallagher, a Vatican Latinist who is responsible for translating Francis' tweets from modern languages into Latin.
Conflicting scholarly opinions on the part of major historians and Latinists have made Peter's life, sensibility, and famous and long-used letter collection a matter of extensive and sometimes dismaying debate.
That period and place are very important for the simple reason that Latinists involved in the history of "Western" ideas seem to be wholly unaware that, for example, Aquinas made his reputation by copying Avicenna by way of al-Ghazali's crihnotes.
Some constellation names trouble even experienced Latinists.
For, now the Haddocks, and the shifting Sharks, That feed on Coriat, will become great Clarks: The wri-mouth'd Place, & mumping Whiting-mops, Will in their mawes keep Greeke and Latine shops, The Pork-like Porpose, Thorn-back, and the Scate, Like studious Grecian Latinists will prate, And men with eating them, by inspiration, With these two toungs, shall fill each barbarous Nation.
Students of Latin do not expect to use Latin to communicate with other Latinists, unless they propose to work within the Vatican.
Latinists are a pedantic lot about declensions; get the case wrong, and you receive furious letters from retired Latin masters living in Kenton-on-Sea, pointing out the grammatical errors of your ways.
The Florentine dialect certainly had no credibility among the learned (like del Virgilio) who believed that Latin was the only conceivable vehicle for such an enterprise and that Latinists should be the Commedia's intended audience.
The Latinists and the scholars think Ausonius dreadful, as he certainly was silly.
The Latinists of the seventeenth century held to this second and primary acceptation.
so the old Latinists would groan over this curious way of "glorifying" one of the greatest musicians in human history by resorting to backstairs gossip
So they did what Spanish Latinists did when they were failing in competition with Nahua (Aztec) Latin tutors in sixteenth-century Mexico City: since they could not outperform their more skillful indigenous competitors, they pursued the strategy of eventually eliminating them by legal means and social sanction.
Latinists will remember the useful word nonne, which introduces questions expecting the answer "yes.
2) The need to reevaluate the function of ritual descriptions in literary texts has long been recognized by Hellenists and, increasingly, by Latinists.