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Synonyms for Latino

a native of Latin America

an artificial language based on words common to the Romance languages

related to a Spanish-speaking people or culture


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Latini said the profiles in particular, where lawyers can update their information, were enhanced in response to requests made by the Board of Governors Communications Committee.
She leaves her niece, Arlene Latini and her husband, Bob, of Clinton; two grandnieces, two great-grandnephews, and one great-grandniece.
Tao vivo como estava nos seculos XVI-XVII em que foram escritos cerca de um milhar de poemas nuncupatorios, dedicados a um autor para serem incluidos numa obra que estava em vias de publicacao, alguns dos quais sao analisados no estudo de Renato Badali ("Carmi Latini dei secoli XVI e XVII: in margine a una recente edizione"), que se le em Latinitas (II, MMXIIII, volumen alterum, pp.
She said she is honored to join the elite group of former winners: Cindy Cannon, Barry Whitney, Ellen Philbin, Gloria Parkinson and Bob Latini as George Bailey honorees.
We know that Latini was born to a Florentine influential family around the year 1220 and that he later held for decades the important position of notary (rhetorician).
Irvin argues that Aristotle's moral philosophy, which came to Gower through Brunetto Latini, was a major influence on Gower's understanding of what it means to make and to do.
XV:16-24) After realizing he has accosted his former student, Latini addresses him rather more appropriately, "Oh my son" (XV:31), an epithet that he repeats six lines later.
Latini and colleagues have benefits from FINEP (Financiadora de Estudos e Projetos) through a CT-infra program.
1260): Latini produced the earliest vernacularized text of a Ciceronian work, the De inventione, and inspired other grammarians to do the same with ancient rhetorical works.
Laleh Zahedi Latini, the California-based co-founder and co-creative director of SOBU.
Si parla infatti di una certa 'operazione cognitiva' (4) tramite la quale gli autori del Rinascimento avrebbero ricevuto 'un'impressione' della struttura delle azioni, dei tipi dei personaggi e dei diversi temi narrativi dei testi latini per trasferirli nelle nuove commedie, senza pero cadere nella copia o nell'imitazione pedissequa dei modelli grazie alla loro creativita e immaginazione.
Current knowledge about fish introductions in Brazil shows a similar general pattern in the spread of alien fish species as in other Neotropical countries with more important aquaculture activities (Latini and Petrere, 2004; Latini et al.
2) The learned Brunetto Latini writes of common speech in his Tresor: Et ce soit loins de nous et remaigne a la nichete des femes et dou menu peuple, car il n 'ont que faire des citaines choses ('and may it be foreign to us and be left to the foolishness of women and of the lower classes, for they should have nothing to do with civic matters') (Carmody ed.
52-54) sino la ideologia sobre el buen gobierno de las ciudades que cultivaron ciertos autores pre-humanistas, entre los que destaca la figura de Brunetto Latini (circa 1220-1294); y en segundo termino, que el pensamiento de estos autores, a diferencia de lo que se ha tendido a considerar (Hans Baron, J.