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Synonyms for Latino

a native of Latin America

an artificial language based on words common to the Romance languages

related to a Spanish-speaking people or culture


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Latini G, De Felice C, Presta G, Del Vecchio A, Paris I, Ruggieri F, et al.
18,19) In a study by Latini et al, (14) measurable cTnT values (>LLD) were demonstrated in patients with nonchagasic, chronic, stable heart failure.
She was just one of the most outstanding young individuals that I've had the privilege of working with in my 31 years as an educator," said her former high school head teacher John P Latini.
Maura Latini of the COOP group in Italy feels it is essential that co-ops maintain "communication as an internal element.
2) Yet no one, to the best of my knowledge, has attempted to align Browning's grammarian with one of the most remarkable literary depictions of a grammarian, namely that of Brunetto Latini in Canto XV of Dante's Inferno.
Classmates Matt Latini, Andrew Perez and Martin Muramatsu tapped their savings accounts to make donations.
Here I really missed a comparison of Latini with both Wilkinson and Aristotle.
His method is comparison and juxtaposition, sometimes of the 'obvious'--the Electras of Aeschylus, Euripides, and Sophocles, the Knight's Tale with Two Noble Kinsmen, Oedipus and Lear--but always as well with a long view to the surprising in mind: Electra, once fixed, as a window on Hamlet; Francesca (not Paolo) as a mirror to Troilus; Brunetto Latini as middle term for Dante and Eliot.
In their study, pediatrician Giuseppe Latini of Perrino Hospital in Brindisi, Italy, and his colleagues tested blood from 84 newborns' umbilical cords for the presence of di-(2-ethylhexyl)-phthalate (DEHP) and mono-ethylhexyl-phthalate (MEHP).
At various points he calls upon, to select only a few of almost countless examples, the twelfth-century moralist Peter the Chanter, Dante's thirteenth-century friend Brunetto Latini, the fourteenth-century poets William Langland and Geoffrey Chaucer, the fifteenth-century essayists Leon Battista Alberti and Christine de Pizan and the philosopher Marsilio Ficino, and the sixteenth-century satirists Francois Rabelais and Pietro Aretino.
Thumbnail sketches and apt quotations, culled from enviably learned researches, bring alive for us such key figures as Dante's tutor, Brunett Latini, doomed lovers Paolo and Francesca and hate-figure Count Ugolino who ate his own children.
Victor, Brunetto Latini, and the younger Pico, all of whom make striking contributions to what seems very like a kind of rhetorical-hermeneutic understanding of the world.
Robinson are agents for: Hounsell lozenge plants Latini lollipop machines Low & Duff MacIntyre refiners Maida batch feeders and rope sizers Nielsen chocolate machinery; enrobers, tempering machinery, kettles, moulding plants, marshmallow depositors Padovani biscuit cutters and rollers Penmann air conditioning Robinson hard candy dies and die cleaners.