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Synonyms for Latino

a native of Latin America

an artificial language based on words common to the Romance languages

related to a Spanish-speaking people or culture


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44% Latinas share or recommend brands/products with friends in their social network.
LATINA Style also recognized Prudential for actively seeking and promoting Latinas, its supplier diversity program and its employee resource group, the Hispanic Heritage Network, which since 1993 has sought Latino workers and supported their professional and personal development.
Companies responding to LATINA Style's questionnaire are evaluated based on issues that LATINA Style magazine readers identified as most important to them in the workplace.
Studies about Latinas conducted in the early 2000s found that they were among the biggest groups of high school dropouts and there was a higher risk of them not going on to college, she said.
It just all seems like a missed opportunity to diversify the roles played by Latinas," Ramirez writes.
Today, P&G's Orgullosa program introduces the first-ever Board of Faldas (Board of Skirts), three strong Latina experts and professionals who will provide tips to celebrate, empower, and fuel Latinas' accomplishments and dreams.
Our corporate sponsors, such as Bank of the West, are making it possible for Latinas to participate in this program by subsidizing 80% of the cost—making it affordable for Latina leaders.
The number of Latinas in California will double, to 10.
through October 16), Nanin explores that universal love--between two Latinas who are soul mates but need an assist from Isis and an arrowless, drunken Cupid, known as "Tequila Cupid," to realize as much.
Limited access to basic reproductive health care services has forced many Latinas to forgo or delay essential preventative screenings.
The priorities they identified to strengthen sexual and reproductive health information and services for Latinas are presented here as an action plan for marshaling the evidence and funding needed to improve Latina sexual and reproductive health across the United States.
Latinas, in fact, are entering the entrepreneurial market in record numbers.
As the LATINA Style slogan, "empowering Latinas, one woman at a time," suggests, the magazine aims to "highlight, promote and bring recognition to the professional Latinas in corporate America and provide a valuable reference tool for Latinas entering the workforce or changing careers.
Results indicate that Latinas are not enrolling in transfer-level courses at the same rate as their Caucasian peers.