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a square matrix of n rows and columns

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3 kg/day milk production were randomly selected from the herd maintained at BRI and designated to four experimental dietary treatments in a 4 4 Latin square change over design with four experimental periods.
A Latin square is said to be regular (also reduced, normalized or in standard form) if both its rows and its columns are in the same order, as in a regular word square, for example:
Latin squares and Mutual Orthogonal Latin Squares (MOLS) are ancient devices found useful in selecting subset of factor combinations from complete set.
Such matrices have been used in connection with constructions of Latin squares and orthogonal arrays (cf.
If a Latin square L contains a Latin square S properly, then S is called a Sub Latin square.
In each experiment, four lactating Holstein dairy cows (initial body weight of 627 kg and 668 kg for experiments 1 and 2, respectively) were randomly assigned to four dietary treatments in 4 x 4 Latin square designs.
A related question, which has some applications in high energy Physics, has to do with the saturation point of a Latin square.
An initial analysis of variance by using the 5 x 5 nature of the Latin square design was done, excluding the pretreatment and day 11 data, to accurately ascertain the effect of day.
Proper design of a crossover involves a Latin square to define the smallest number of groups of subjects such that all subjects in a given group get the treatments in the same sequence, and overall every treatment follows every other treatment the same number of times.
A Latin square can be constructed with an ordinary pack of cards.
The parallel patterned conditions were placed next to black and clear conditions in a Latin Square configuration to reduce possible biases due to adjacent combinations.
A Latin Square design, for example, controls for the possibility of the grass being greener toward the north, east, south, or west of the field, and not greener as a result of the fertilizer being applied.
We use an experimental design called the Latin Square in which each dog serves as its own control," he said.
Development of the Experiment Within the Group with the General Reading Task activity session 1 session 2 reading of one of the two texts in one of the two X X conditions (see Latin square design) test on text comprehension X X vocabulary test X X interview and general questions X X delayed test on the vocabulary of the text read in X previous session activity session 3 reading of one of the two texts in one of the two conditions (see Latin square design) test on text comprehension vocabulary test interview and general questions delayed test on the vocabulary of the text read in X previous session
Volunteers were randomized into three groups (15 subjects each) based on the sequence of soluble/insoluble copper salt that they received following a Latin square design (Figure 1).