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the alphabet evolved by the ancient Romans which serves for writing most of the languages of western Europe

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Central Asian countries tended to adopt the Latin alphabet after the dissolution of the Soviet Union.
It would have been better from the point of view of his secrecy concerns because not many people outside Turkmenistan can read and understand the Turkmen language in the Latin alphabet.
This happened when the Phoenician signs were adopted by the ancient Greeks, the Chinese characters were borrowed by the Japanese, and the Latin alphabet was used by Spanish colonialists to write the Mixtec language of central Mexico.
No, they used a mix of Arabic and English and typed using the Latin alphabet, so this is what we used.
For the Kurds in Turkey, the adaptation of the Arabic alphabet is as unrealistic of a prospect as the adaptation of the Latin alphabet by Kurds in Iraq or elsewhere.
In dealing with the aspects of memory, the second chapter starts by pointing out Ak'abal's political choice to write and publish his poetry in the imposed Latin alphabet as a way of preserving the traditions of his people.
I know he's very problematic, especially to some younger Turkish people now, but ultimately what he achieved in his very short life--the instigation of the Latin alphabet on the Turkish language, giving the vote to women--was incredible.
But, since I don't speak or write Arabic -- even though I do some work in Arabic -- I decided to develop my own Latin alphabet inspired by Arabic calligraphy.
The text provides advanced art students and experienced amateurs with an introduction to the art of calligraphy, including the history of writing techniques; calligraphic tools and materials; techniques and practice activities; stroke-by-stroke guides to various scripts of the Latin alphabet including Roman uncial, Irish half uncial, Carolingian, Gothic, and Gothic Fraktur; and step-by-step exercises demonstrating the use of calligraphy in a diverse range of projects.
Firstly, they have now recognised that not everybody uses the Latin alphabet, for example there are no domain names using Arabic or Chinese scripture and this is something that is set to change.
Cyrillic Alphabet Poses Challenges: Some letters that look identical to those in the Latin alphabet are pronounced completely differently in the Cyrillic alphabet, making it important for those filing trademarks in Russia to register marks using both the Cyrillic spelling and its Latin equivalent.
There are many reasons why SMSs in Bulgarian are written in ASCII (a stripped down version of the Latin alphabet, that has done away with any accented characters for the benefit of the easily confused) and many of these reasons are poor technical and interface design.