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a red soil produced by rock decay

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Changes in nutrient content enzymatic activities and microbial properties of lateritic soil due to application of different vermicomposts: a comparative study of ergosterol and chitin to determine fungal biomass in soil.
Builders used local materials, chunks of coral cemented together with a mixture of lime and the red lateritic soil that covers much of the island.
Western Ghat Mild slopes in Shallow and medium Region coastal area to loamy red and steep on-hillsides lateritic soil with low AWC.
The overburden consists of lateritic soil interspersed with quartzite rubble, highly compacted clay with slate and fine-grained sandstone layers.
Effect of fertility levels and plant population on yield and uptake of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium in finger millet (Eleusine coracana) in lateritic soil of West Bengal.
In some cases heavy mineralization renders the land unarable--rice doesn't grow on lateritic soil, for example--and there are few alternate sources of income for the populace.
Lateritic Soil Engineering, Elsevier Scientific Publishing Company, New York, 1976, pp.
Much of the gold produced in some districts of Venezuela and Guyana consists of small potato-shaped grains and nuggets (see Table 3) occurring in deeply-weathered areas with lateritic soil and thick saprolite horizon above bedrock.
2], measured as vertical salt content profiles within lateritic soil profiles down to bedrock where depth to bedrock varied in the range 7.
A 9 cubic metre sample of weathered rock and lateritic soil within one of the gold zones was extracted and manually processed, yielding (ca) 50 grams of free gold.
Plants were grown in the <2-mm fraction of topsoil (0-10 cm) of a Yalanbee lateritic soil (a lateritic podzolic soil, which is an Alfisol; Soil Survey Staff 2010) from Bakers Hill, 73 km east of Perth, Western Australia.
Chaudhuri D, Tripathy S, Veeresh H, Powell MA, Hart BR (2003) Relationship of chemical fractions of heavy metals with microbial and enzyme activities in sludge and ash-amended acid lateritic soil from India.
From the result obtained in Table 2, it can be seen that lateritic soil is retained mostly by the 1.
7] have shown that the durability of laterized concrete and laterite/ cement mortar specimens can be enhanced by the low permeability characteristics of the lateritic soil contents of such specimens.
Topp SE, Salbu B, Roaldset E, Jorgensen P (1984) Vertical distribution of trace elements in lateritic soil (Suriname).