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the form of Latin written between the 3rd and 8th centuries

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presidential elections last year, and now with President Donald Trump's travel ban, it may be worth listening to the late Latin American historian Eduardo Galeano.
French tortue, like Spanish tortuga and Italian tartaruga, ultimately descends from Late Latin tartarucha.
Among the topics are a semantic map approach to a typology of impersonal constructions, impersonal constructs and accusative subjects in late Latin, the case of meteorological predication in Afroasiatic, a diachronic study of the impersonal passive in Ainu, and impersonal constructions in some Oceanic languages.
English acquired the word from Old French estor ``provisions'' which was derived from the Late Latin staurum ``store'',a noun associated with the verb instaurare `to provide necessities.
The word 'cemetery' comes from the old French word 'cimitiere' (to put to sleep), late Latin cemeterium (sleeping chamber).
taediosus (Web 3) late Latin word in the etymology of tedious
By 1986, he found himself in Southern California, performing with the late Latin jazz legend Willie Bobo.
A parallel developm ent occurs in late Latin, where "esse assumes the role of the copula while the notion of existence passes to existere, extare" (167).
DeMaria presents a Johnson who early in life identifies himself with 'a unified, late Latin European cultural heritage' (p.
allusion Late Latin allusio play on words, game, a derivative of Latin alludereto play around, refer to mockingly, from adto + ludereto play
Excluded from the catalogue are all musical texts appearing in medieval encyclopedias and numerous manuscripts of late Latin theorists such as Augustine, Boethius, Cassiodorus, Isidore, and Martianus Capella copied between 800 and 1500 "when they occur alone or in a quadrivial context without other treatises of music"--or, apparently, when the codex only transmits material written originally before 800.
The fact that scholars have assumed that an aquaintance with Eunomius' early work, the Apologia, was sufficient to communicate what was distinct about the character and content of Eunomius' theology is telling, for this assumption is evidence of a major presupposition about the distinguishing characteristics and contents of late anti-Nicene theology generally, and of late Latin anti-Nicene theology especially.
English acquired the word from Old French estor -meaning provisions -which was derived from the Late Latin staurum store, a noun associated with the verb instaurare -``to provide necessities''.
A B A P T I S T U M Pulliam B A H R A M T A P A in Azerbaijan, 39[degrees] 44' lat, 47[degrees] 57' long, NIMA A H L E R B R U C H in Germany, 52[degrees] 12' lat, 8 [degrees] 29' long, NIMA P R E P A R A T O R OED T A R A D A N O V A in Russia, 54[degrees] 45' lat, 86[degrees] 41' long, NIMA I M B R A N G L E S OED imbrangle, verb S T R A N G F O R D in Hereford & Worcester, England (AutoStreet 2000 lite) T A U T O L O G I A Late Latin (or Greek), whence tautology, qv in OED U P C O V E R I N G OED M A H R A S D A G I Mahras Dagi in Turkey, 36[degrees] 43' lat, 33[degrees] 17' long, NIMA
Quintanilla III (brother of the late Latin pop and tejano music superstar Selena), Los Kumbia Kings, in a span of about two years, conquered the Tejano Music Awards by winning in three categories last year: Best Album, Best Banda Show, and Most Promising Band.