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Watershed manager Dharmika Henshel spent most of Thursday with four helpers gathering seeds of Lasthenia glaberrima, an uncommon, tiny, daisylike plant that loves wet, sunny, clayey habitat.
robusta hartwegii, owl's-clover Castilleja densiflora, tarplant Deinandra corymbosa, common goldfields Lasthenia gracilis, peppercress Lepidium nitidum, California sandwort Minuartia californica and Gray's clover Trifolium grayi.
2005) and in association with low-growing annual plants, including: natives--rusty popcornflower Plagiobothrys nothofulvus, miniature lupine Lupinus bicolor and California goldfields Lasthenia californica; and invasives--soft brome Bromus hordeaceus and stork's bill Erodium sp.