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a cave in southwestern France that contains Paleolithic paintings

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Lascaux II, a replica of part of the cave network, was opened nearby in 1983 and Lascaux III is a current world touring exhibition that started in Bordeaux in 2012.
North American mining and development company Fortune Minerals Limited (TSX: FT) (OTCQX: FTMDF) (Fortune) announced on Friday that it has closed a further USD4m financing from Lascaux Resource Capital Fund LP, to fund working capital for the Revenue Silver Mine (RSM) in southwest Colorado, US.
Finite sum Cauchy identity for dual Grothendieck polynomials Alain LASCAUX and Hiroshi NARUSE Ramanujan's [sub.
a law firm; Candlewood Investment Group, LLC, an independent investment bank; Trident Investment Management LLC, an employee-owned investment manager; and Lascaux Resource Capital, an asset management firm.
The insects also tellingly inscribe their history through wall painting: shades of Lascaux.
Musee de l'Homme and the Lascaux cave paintings, the young Morellet experimented with bright colors, bold patterns, and stylized depictions of animals (serpents, birds, felines, ruminants) and humans.
Their diverse references -- ranging from the caves at Lascaux and Pythagoras to Einstein, Carl Sagan, quantum mechanics, and, yes, even Virginia Woolf -- enliven and enrich this engaging and beautifully crafted book.
Hushpuppy takes her missing mother's filthy, torn Michael Jordan jersey inside a cardboard box and draws images of her mother as though it were a cave of Lascaux.
Summary: Chicago: Stunning reproductions of the famed cave paintings of Lascaux are being displayed for the .
Gosden used to train Lascaux, who has only her third start in the 11f Fillies' maiden now in the care of Luke Dace.
The book is most successful where it deals directly with these shadows through beasts, through longing, and through science--"The Painted Beasts of Lascaux," "The Formation of the Pack" and "A Photograph Of The Human Retina" are particularly resonant.
Lascaux acrylic adhesives 360HV and 498HV fit the bill.
One of the more complete was discovered in 1957 in France, roughly 900 yards away from the famous Lascaux Cave.
The urge to capture movement in media can be traced back to the Paleolithic cave paintings found at Lascaux in France, Egyptian hieroglyphics and figures painted onto pottery by ancient Greeks, revealing a primal motivation innate in human beings to physically document our lives in motion.
French schoolboys call anthropologists' attention to 30,000-year-old prehistoric cave art (above) in Lascaux in late 1940 (2/8/41, p.