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1985: Movements and survival area of Finnish common gulls Larus canus.
In this study the experimental work was performed on adult Larus argentatus.
Recensement et distribution des nids dans une colonie plurispACopyrightcifique de GoACopyrightlands (Larus argentatus, Larus fuscus, Larus marinus).
As is the case with many gulls, it has traditionally been placed in the genus Larus but is now placed in the genus Chroicocephalus.
Elizabeth Freund Larus has provided us with such a study in her book Economic Reform in China: The Marketization of Labor and State Enterprises.
Oliva, said, "Through continuing orders like these and based on the potential we see for further penetration of the Asia-Pacific market beyond Taiwan, EMRISE continues to receive validation of its strategy to enter the market for carrier class network timing and synchronization products by acquiring Larus Corporation in July 2004.
Larus Sigurdsson is retiring after a 15-month battle to overcome a knee injury
Albion are also missing striker Rob Hulse (stomach strain) and central defender Larus Sigurdsson who is continuing his recovery from a long-term knee injury.
Baggies defender Larus Sigurdsson did well to clear Nathan Ellington's cross and Lee McCulloch also went close.
9 - Jackie McNamara's clever through-ball almost puts Crawford clear but Larus Sigurdsson intercepts.
TWO of Albion's 'Big Three' defenders have challenged The Hawthorns board to come up with a deal for Iceland international Larus Sigurdsson.
Darren Moore is getting fitter, Larus Sigurdsson is having injections and did well on Saturday, while Tony Butler looked very solid.
WEST BROM'S Icelandic defender Larus Sigurdsson has decided to sign a new deal at The Hawthorns.
The herring gull Larus argentatus as a likely transmitting agent of Salmonella montevideo to sheep and cattle.