Larrea tridentata

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desert shrub of southwestern United States and New Mexico having persistent resinous aromatic foliage and small yellow flowers

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Larrea tridentata (Creosote bush), an abundant plant of Mexican and US-American deserts and its metabolite nordihydroguaiaretic acid.
Plant species present in the area with more than 50% cover are: Larrea tridentata and Prosopis glandulosa.
The perennial plant community was dominated by Larrea tridentata and Ambrosia dumosa, but also included Pleuraphis rigida and Achnatherum hymenoides.
Effects of plant size and water relations on gas exchange and growth of the desert shrub, Larrea tridentata.
The two biologists devised a system of interlocking, partially transparent growth boxes that allowed them to observe interactions between the roots of two desert shrubs: the common creosote bush Larrea tridentata and the so-called burro weed Ambrosia dumosa.
NDGA is found in the resin of the leaves of a desert plant, Larrea tridentata.
La cobertura promedio de los liquenes bajo la proyeccion de la copa de Larrea tridentata resulto ser mas del doble de la cuantificada en las areas de suelo desprovisto de cobertura vegetal (2,6 veces mayor).
Add to shrubs and forbs like Prosopis glandulosa Torr and Hoffmancegia densiflora Gray, Larrea tridentata (DC) Cov, and Kallstroemia grandiflora Gray as well as Ziziphus obtusifolia (T.
Larrea tridentata, Jatropha cuneata), short trees (Olneya tesota, Pachycormus discolor, Cercidium microphyllum) and cardons (Pachycereus pringlei).
Oenothera rosea methanol extract, Sphaeralcea angustifolia chloroform extract, Acacia farnesiana, Larrea tridentata and Rubus coriifolius methanol extracts as well as the aqueous extract of Chamaedora tepejilote were demonstrated to be particularly active against the induced hind-paw edema.
Previous studies have indicated that foliage arthropods are most abundant on the most productive plants of creosotebushes, Larrea tridentata (Chew, 1961; Mispagel, 1974; Greenfield et al.
GBI, now a wholly owned Sonic subsidiary, is the exclusive supplier of a resin extract called Virastatin(TM) that is derived from Larrea Tridentata, a desert shrub indigenous to the southwestern U.
TABLA IV DATOS DE LA ESTRUCTURA ARBUSTIVA DEL BOSQUE DE MEZQUITE EN CUENCAME, DURANGO * Especie i/ha C C% D% Flourensia cernua 17 18,06 7,44 8,17 Larrea tridentata 42 34,27 14,11 20,19 Fouquieria splendens 7 20,51 8,45 3,37 Acacia berlandieri 10 3,36 1,38 4,81 Acacia constricta 3 1,77 0,73 1,44 Acacia crassifolia 8 8,54 3,52 3,85 Mimosa sp.