Larix decidua

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tall European tree having a slender conic crown, flat needlelike leaves, and hairy cone scales

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Extracts from Alnus glutinosa (stem bark and leaves), Carpinus betulus (leaves and stem bark), Castanea sativa (stem bark), Ilex aquifolium (leaves), Larix decidua (leaves), Quercus petraea (stem bark) and Quercus robur (leaves) showed for the first time potent in vitro growth inhibitory activity (Frederich et al.
1987 Table V Species for which pollen was successfully preserved in liquid nitrogen (-196[degrees]C) Species Source Betula pendula Jorgensen, 1990 Betula pubescens Jorgensen, 1990 Carica papaya Ganeshan, 1986 Cornus avellana Connor & Towill, 1993 Juglans nigra Farmer & Barnett, 1974 Larix decidua Jorgensen, 1990 Larix kaempferi Jorgensen, 1990 Larix leptolepis Ichikawa et al.
Virulence of Agrabacterium on Larix decidua and their cellular interactions as depicted by scanning electron microscopy.
Other larch species with similar properties to Larix dahurica and Larix decidua are Larix occidentalis (United States) and Larix leptolepis (Korea).
About Pinus sylvestris and Larix deciduas seeds, it was reported that priming with PEG+ 200 mg [kg.