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The difference in classification rates between Caspian Terns and other Laridae suggests that Caspian Terns exhibit greater sexual size dimorphism than several other terns, but are not as dimorphic as most gull species.
Gulls, seabirds of the family laridae, have been on earth, according to fossil evidence, for more than 30 million years (we are thought to have evolved in East Africa only 200,000 years ago) and they are clever.
It is represented essentially by the Anatidae, the Rallidae, the Podicipedidae, the Phalacrocoracidae, the Ardeidae, the Threskiornithidae, the Coconiidae, the Accipteridae, the Pandionidae, the Recurvirostridae, the Charadriidae, the Alcedinidae, the Laridae, the Sterninae and the Scolopacidae [41, 44].
1 Unidentified gulls Laridae 5 trace trace Arctic tern Sterna paradisea 5 0 0 Mourning dove Zenaida macrouro (a) 8 -- -- (Great horned owl Bubo virginianus) -- -- -- Common nighthawk Chordeiles minor (a) 8 -- -- White-throated swift Aeronautes saxatalis (a) 7 61.