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Synonyms for mefloquine

an antimalarial drug (trade name Larium and Mephaquine) that is effective in cases that do not respond to chloroquine

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Rates of suicide were four to five times higher than the group deployed without Lariam.
He said: "The dangerous and harmful psychological side-effects of Lariam have been described by many serving members of the Defence Forces.
An amateur actress with a wide circle of friends, she suffered severe depression after taking Lariam while on a holiday in South East Asia in 1999.
There has been controversy over Lariam, an anti-malarial drug which can cause psychosis.
A course of Lariam in the weeks before travelling will help to safeguard against the disease, but is not 100 per cent effective.
Matthew Parris, the broadcaster and writer, has said that he would have preferred malaria to the side-effects of Lariam, the drug he was told to take to protect himself against it.
For this reason, I sometimes transition my patients to Lariam (mefloquine), which gets into the brain better.
The MCC evaluated Cipla's request and responded in June 2004, asking that the package insert be 'brought into line with the innovator product Lariam (Roche)'
Lariam tablets, Roche Products (Pty) Ltd, Package Insert, 28/20.
He claimed the malaria drug Lariam had driven him insane.
MY wife and I are planning a holiday in Kenya this September and have been advised to take the anti-malarial drug Lariam.
In fact, travelers are much less likely to discontinue their treatment on Malarone as compared to Lariam.
He hopes to prove his experiences and the side-effect of the malaria drug Lariam drove him insane.