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smallest and most perfectly anthropoid arboreal ape having long arms and no tail

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The lar gibbon, also known as the white-handed Gibbon, is native to south-west China and eastern Myanmar, Thailand and the whole Malay Peninsula.
Lar Gibbons are normally found in the rainforests of south-eastern Asia and their long fingers and strong hands allow them to swing through the trees quickly and gracefully.
Lar gibbon Meo and her baby, left, and |Bornean orang utan Jazz with Sprout, three
New arrivals: Barbary sheep Thyme, aged one week, and Clover, only a day old, lar gibbon Luna with mum Meo, Nosy little thing: Tallulah, the three-week-old tapir with her mum, Meena, at Dudley Zoo.
A group of around 14 children delighted in having time away from the wards and were wide-eyed and eager to come within inches of mischievous Suntagha, a Lar gibbon.
The many animal families would love you to visit them on Cupid's special day, so take a look at the three-week old triplet pygmy goats in Pets' Corner, or watch Suntangha the baby handreared Lar gibbon become the sweetheart of the watching crowds.
uk | Learn more about our family of lar gibbons during half-term Q&A sessions, when our education staff will be introducing visitors to dad Huggy, mum Meo and their offspring Penny and Indah, during a daily noon talk at their enclosure, next to the sealion moat pools.
If you're visiting DZG on a date, why not take some inspiration from our lar gibbons, black-cheeked lovebirds and Humboldt penguins who all pair for life
We have lots of cute and fluffy animals to adopt including lar gibbons, black-cheeked lovebirds and Humboldt penguins, who are all perfect Valentine's examples as they pair for life.
TUESDAY and Saturday afternoons are egg-citing times for our family of lar gibbons - as that's when they get to eat hard-boiled eggs.
DUDLEY Zoo's family of Lar gibbons are learning the ropes after getting new webbing added to their enclosure as part of a spring spruce-up.