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a land imagined by Jonathan Swift where impractical projects were pursued and practical projects neglected

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Gulliver's third voyage results in he and his crew being overtaken by pirates, and Gulliver is "set-adrift" (410) in a small boat by himself and ends up on the floating island of Laputa.
Los viajes, sin embargo, se hacen a otros lugares, como por ejemplo a Brobdingnag; a Laputa, Balnibarbi, Luggnagg y el Japon; y, finalmente, al pais de los houyhnhnms.
Pero para contestarte a tu pregunta, si, la protagonista principal es ella y por eso se iba a llamar Laputa roja.
At its most radical, therefore, literature may from this perspective advance a work of subversion or deconstruction rather than one of intentional revolutionary construction--the synthesis of a satirical Laputa rather than of a realizable Utopia.
Los modernos, como sabemos, son constantemente ridiculizados por Swift en Los viajes de Gulliver, en este caso bajo la forma de los habitantes de Laputa.
Many seem strikingly akin to the extraction of sunbeams from cucumbers by the academicians in Laputa in Swift's Gulliver's Travels--more often than not being fueled with tax dollars extraded from the wallets of each of us.
Nel metodo escogitato per sostenere in aria l'isola volante di Laputa, Swift affronta il tema della gravitazione universale, capace di far dimenticare, anche se solo per un attimo, il peso corporeo e di raggiungere quella leggerezza, che assieme all'esattezza, rappresenta il perno della poetica di Calvino.
The actor bulldozes through every scene and it's hard to imagine this fantasy taking enough at the box office to warrant a trip to Laputa or the country of the Houyhnhnms.
Rarely are mathematicians described as foolish, although Swift's Island of Laputa persists as an image of mathematicians as fools.
And when you consider the cars whose names translate into obscenities in other languages - try Googling the Spanish for Buick LaCrosse and Mazda Laputa - then it's about as offensive as a kitten.
Stalker (1979) surely sets the precedent for the ruined gardens of Laputa in Castle in the Sky and more generally for Miyazaki's veneration of the inscrutable imminences of nature.
El tercero de los viajes a las islas de Laputa, Balnibarbi, Luggnagg, Glubbdubdrib y Japon le sirve al autor para poner en tela de juicio y censurar los supuestos avances del conocimiento cientifico.
In 1726 Jonathan Swift penned the masterpiece known today as Gulliver' s Travels In it, inhabitants of the flying island of Laputa describe their discovery of two moons of Mars that, amazingly, turned out to be much like the real ones spotted I % centuries later by American astronomer Asaph Hall.
The stability of civilization is threatened by traitors within, and ideological outcasts--the spy ring in The Thirty-Nine Steps, the African Laputa in Prester John (an "enemy within" by virtue of his being, besides an African partisan leader, an ordained minister of the Free Church of Scotland), the Irish cosmopolitan Medina in The Three Hostages, and a stock of what Clanroyden excitingly calls "all kinds of geniuses and desperadoes" (Island 1007).