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a region in northmost Europe inhabited by Lapps

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Lacustrine sediments and tree-limit variations as indicators of Holocene climatic fluctuations in Lappland, northern Sweden.
BArch Berlin, R 109/ 14480, Carl Metzger: Bericht uber eine durch Finmarken und finnlandisch Lappland ausgefuhrte Reise, undated [March 1907].
Sweden-based Lappland Goldminers has named Henrik Grind as its new head of operations at its Finnish gold mine in Pahtavaara.
Russians have built a convent a fair distance from their border in the common taxation area of Lappland, putting a pressure on Danish subjects there as well as in Narva, and causing them major damage, an act which is in conflict with the Danish-Russian treaty; 2.
97) These changes included the recognition of indigenous peoples' rights to preserve their distinct identity and dignity and to govern their own affairs--be they "tribal sovereigns" in the United States, the Sami in Lappland, the resguardos in Colombia, or Canada's Nunavut.
It is hoped here, second to God's help, that this will become the West Indies of the Swedes, every bit as good for the righteous people [= the Swedes] as [the West Indies are] to the king of Spain', a Swedish nobleman wrote in 1635, upon the information that silver had been traced in Lappland.
Johan Turi, an upland reindeer herder, included two hand-drawn star charts in the book he wrote about his everyday life, Turi's Book of Lappland (1910).
TORGNY LINDGREN'S Polsan (Hash) is set in a fictitious province of Lappland where tuberculosis wad still rampant in the 1940s.
He talks cabbie Alex (Laroche) into hitching up a trailer and driving thousands of miles to Lappland, all for the promise of a big payday--one that Reno has little intention of paying.
The two-time world champion has for the last four days sped across snow- covered tracks in Rovaniemi, Finland, preparing himself and his Mitsubishi Lancer WRCII for the Arctic Lappland Rally early next year.
Lastly, the counties of Vasterbotten, Lappland and Norrbotten in the very north do have names which it is possible to trace to Britain, but they are also found in more southern counties.
The rebuilding of Finnish Lappland was almost complete after suffering some of the worst devastation in Europe during WWII.
Finnkolonisationen inom [dot{A}]ngermanland, s[ddot{o}]dra Lappland och J[ddot{o}]mtland.
This emerged in one way from the presence of some fifty people invited from the indigenous peoples of the world -- as far apart as the Maori of Aotearoa New Zealand, the Sami of Lappland, and the Cree of Canada.
But mum Michelle told how all her troubles were forgotten when she arrived in Lappland.