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Synonyms for Lappic

any of the languages spoken by the Lapps and generally assumed to be Uralic languages

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Sino-Finnic): Lappic buola/pualle 'piece' (dated); Mordvin pal 'piece of meat / meat'; ?
Sino-Finnic): Lappic buoli,-e-/puolle-/piille-/kuille-/puoille'burn', Mordvin palo-/pala- 'burn'.
Sino-Finnic): Lappic suola/suola/sil/sul/suol/sul 'thief'; Mordvin salava 'secret', sala- 'steal'; Mari sold 'thief', soldsta-/solsta- 'steal'; Mansi tool/ma'nt-/tulmant-/tulmt-/tulmant- 'steal'; Khanty lilay/jilay 'secret', lalam-/jalam-/totam- 'steal'; Nenets tale- 'steal'; Enets tali-/tare- 'steal'; Nganasan tolar- 'steal'; Selkup toli-/telti-/tuel- 'steal'; Kamas tholi 'thief', tholer- 'steal'; Mator teler- 'steal'.
Sino-Finnic): Lappic valle-/valla- 'pour'; Mordvin valo'pour'.
l] (Finnic, Lappic, Mordvin, Mari, Permic, Khanty, Mansi, Hungarian, Nenets, Nganasan, Enets, Selkup, onomatopoeic words in Sinitic).
Sino-Finnic): Lappic vuodjit/vuoggje-/vuodje-/vijje-/vujje/vuajje- 'drive'; Udmurt uj-/ul'-/uj-/uji- 'drive, chase'; Komi voj- 'flee', vojli-'run', vojledli- 'drive, hunt'; Mansi wujt-/wojt-/vujt- 'chase, hunt'.
is an interesting areal phenomenon in Finnic, Lappic, Baltic, and also Slavic languages.