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a member of an indigenous nomadic people living in northern Scandinavia and herding reindeer

the language of nomadic Lapps in northern Scandinavia and the Kola Peninsula

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But, though they naturally have some grumbles, the Sami folk (which is what the Lapps call themselves) are vastly better off than the Kurds.
8220;I am proud to present Lapp Insulators to the Shades of Green audience.
Lapp USA offers an extensive line of OLFLEX [R] cables which includes: flexible control, continuous flex, torsional, servo, high temperature, and fieldbus cables, all designed to withstand the rigors of the most demanding factory automation applications.
The 18-year-old motorist, whose name was not released by police Monday, was treated at the scene while Lapp was taken to Simi Valley Hospital.
Fox's target ARCO Pipeline Unit is located nearest the key transportation infrastructure of the Trans Alaska Pipeline and Alaska's all-weather Dalton Highway, allowing any possible discovery on the Company's holdings to have the advantage of being near transportation, according to the LAPP Resources report.
Joel Lapp was promoted to Vice President of Account Services and will oversee the entire account team infrastructure as well as develop protocols to manage the company's service offerings.
Tom Lapp, an Edison troubleshooter, was working swing shift that day and had just come on duty when he heard the call over his radio and rushed over with his bucket truck - a truck fitted with a long arm with a bucket-shape carrier for technicians mounted at the end.
Charles Lapp, a North Carolina internist, said that while the constant pain can be nearly unbearable, medicine helps.
Back in the car, just off 340 east near Mentzler Road, I find the Lapp Valley Farm - a good place to stop on what has become a warm afternoon.
Cynthia and Joseph Lapp were delighted when their bright, ambitious daughter Katie was accepted to two prestigious colleges and offered sizable financial aid packages by each.
The new partners - Christophe Lapp, Jean-Philippe Sorba, Valerie Lafarge-Sarkozy, Emmanuelle Payrau, Philippe Goossens and Guillaume Kellner - add considerable depth to Proskauer's already well-established international practices and bring specialized expertise in mergers and acquisitions, white collar defense, commercial litigation, product liability, insurance, and public sector law.
announced that an affiliate of the firm has made an investment to acquire a controlling interest in Lapp Insulators LLC.
Lapp added that "These are obviously exciting times in the auto industry, filled with tremendous opportunities.