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a person who lives and works on land

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Each day-long course from Landmann Studios gives students the opportunity to learn from world-renowned photographers and work with professional parkour athletes.
Announcement of competition: Provision of Landmann Market Rent Node and park - Design Services.
Landmann Piccolino portable charcoal barbecue, PS24.
1,4&5 Hypothetical Influence of framing on (2009) of 5 study description invariance in risky decisions 2 & 3 Hypothetical Influence of framing on of 5 study * description invariance in risky decisions Landmann 1 of 1 Experiment Does formal insurance et al.
Gassen, Kurt y Michael Landmann (1993), (Herausbeger) Buch des Dankes an Georg Simmel: Briefe, Erinnerungen, Bibliographie.
Landmann fire basket and grill, PS39, Asda Firepits and baskets like this are designed more for warmth and aesthetics than cooking, but this one comes with a grill, so you can have the occasional burger or banger as well.
Laird Landmann, portfolio manager at TCW, said when the Fed moves, it will be fast.
Exceptions to this chronological arrangement include, in Volume I, a selection of inspired testimonies by Barbara Heinemann Landmann from 1820 to 1883 and, in Volume II, an historical account written in 1866 about the Inspirationists' relocation to Amana in 1855.
01 | Landmann Premium Two Burner Gas Barbecue, Debenhams, Was PS200, Now PS140.
But the trio of lawyers who used to be Heydary's partners-Jeff Landmann, Darren Smith and Yan Wang--is fighting the terms of the Superior Court order.
In the emergency resuscitation room, half of the severe cases died within minutes, and half required emergency surgery," said MSF medical coordinator in Gaza Audrey Landmann.
En un estudio realizado para nueve paises latinoamericanos pertenecientes al grupo de alto indice de Desarrollo Humano, Romero y Landmann (2000) encuentran evidencia de la asociacion entre la crisis economica y el Cociente de Mortalidad Infantil (CMI) en la decada de los ochenta.
Es el caso de los estudios promovidos por el Instituto Internacional para la Democracia y la Asistencia Electoral, que emplean un esquema formulado por Landmann (2009) en el que se desglosa un marco de trabajo integrado por los principios de la democracia, valores mediadores, cuatro pilares de un regimen y hasta 90 preguntas especificas.