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But the early sections of "Kabnis" represent, if they do not fully analyze, the enormities of the racial oppression that Toomer witnessed at first hand in his brief sojourn in the land of cotton.
Yes, Dolly Parton, Country's first lady, has her own blockbuster tourist attraction deep in the land of cotton - Dollywood.
Flat, endless Delta land of cotton, straight two-laned road, monotony, with only an occasional miserable shack to interrupt a landscape that was a visual forever," volunteer Sally Belfrage would write in a memoir also called Freedom Summer.
27: The Muleriders travel to the land of cotton for a game that SAU Coach Steve Quinn hopes will mark a turning point for a team that finished 2-9 in 2006.
The year" is 1955, and rock music--along with a young singer named Elvis Presley--is roaring out from the land of cotton.