Land of Lincoln

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Daniel Yunker, chief executive officer of Land of Lincoln Health said, The delivery of health care is changing, and consumers are savvier and more educated than ever about their care .
Land of Lincoln Health is one of only two health insurance companies in Illinois offering plans to small businesses through the marketplace and is only one of two companies providing coverage throughout the entire state.
Land of Lincoln Health also provides out-of-state coverage for Illinois residents when they are away from home and in need of care.
As a non-profit health insurance company and one that offers a variety of plans to small businesses, we are committed to helping make choosing and using our health plans as easy as possible for businesses and their employees," said Daniel Yunker, CEO of Land of Lincoln Health.
We used feedback from Illinois residents to inform the design of our plans, making them clear, simple and affordable," said Daniel Yunker, CEO of Land of Lincoln Health.
In an effort to make health insurance more understandable, Land of Lincoln Health partnered with Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine and Emory University to help improve and simplify the quality of health insurance information.
We partnered with Land of Lincoln Health to make it easier for its members to access and use the many health care services to which they are entitled to through their health insurance.
By innovating the design of insurance products available to consumers, Land of Lincoln Health will pave the way for pioneering new collaborations to enhance quality of care, reduce cost and embrace health care connectivity for the benefit of the people of Illinois.
As a member-run organization, Land of Lincoln Health will offer all Illinoisans an insurance option designed to meet their health needs and family budgets, all in the communities in which they seek care.
Department of Labor State Energy Sector Partnership grant, which is administered by DCEO's Office of Employment and Training in conjunction with the Land of Lincoln Workforce Alliance.
According to the statement, Pat Quinn, Governor of the State of Illinois, "proclaims August 28, 2011, as WEED OUT HATE DAY and encourages communities throughout the Land of Lincoln to promote peace.
In addition to the Land of Lincoln Bass Tournament, upcoming bass fishing tournaments on the 2000 PVA National Bass Trail also include:
10) Land of Lincoln -- At the site of Lincoln's early life in Springfield, Illinois, visit his home and offices, the Old State Capitol building, and the railroad depot from which he left to assume the Presidency.