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(Middle Ages) an imaginary land of luxury and idleness

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Their topics include mapping the Middle Ages, monsters at the Earth's imagined corners, imaginary journeys among the Celts, and the Land of Cockaigne in the far west of Spain.
Lise Leibacher-Ouvrard shows that the constitutive strangeness and excess of the famous adventurer's novel are rooted in its dual nature: indeed two are the utopian projects described and these are the juxtaposed terms of a debate that is left undetermined with respect to which of the two models Casanova chose to support, whether the pacific and harmonious primitivism of the Megamicres, characterized by the nuances of the myths of Arcadia, the Golden Age, the land of Cockaigne and the Garden of Eden, or the attack to nature by human beings that break into Megamicres' heaven, a violence imposed by a vision of progress that is the result of a conquering and destroying science.
13) The powerful and ever-surfacing mythic Land of Cockaigne, a largely gastronomic utopia, featured flowing rivers of wine as an important element in Italian Cuccagna iconography from the Middle Ages onward.
An outstanding early Irish version of the legend is Aislinge Meic Conglinne (The Vision of MacConglinne), a parody of the traditional saint's vision in which a king possessed by a demon of gluttony is cured by a vision of the land of Cockaigne.
Philostratus in turn described Andros as a land of Cockaigne for inebriates.