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Synonyms for enclosure

Synonyms for enclosure

an area partially or entirely enclosed by walls or buildings

Synonyms for enclosure

the act of enclosing something inside something else

a naturally enclosed space

something (usually a supporting document) that is enclosed in an envelope with a covering letter

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The Reverend John Howlett's defense of land enclosure condemns the poor for indolence, exalts the wealthy for increasing their own worth, and protects the system of church tithes by illustrating their usefulness and fairness.
Accordingly, the volume begins with James Siemon's analysis of the debate about land enclosure in early modern England, which manages to pinpoint the delicate ideological shift that turned the very idea of profit into "a proper end of property rather than a synonym for appropriation and violation of the moral economy" (23); and William C.
Tenders are invited for Procurement Services for Compiling the Technical Cadastre According to Hg 834/1991 in Order to Obtain the Certificate Attesting to Ownership of Land Enclosure Chemp Boga Two and Entered in the Real Estate Advertising.
SIR - Whatever your views about fox-hunting with dogs, it's apparent to the astute observer that bigger issues are unfolding, of which fox-hunting is part of a much greater ground-swell of social and cultural change; unequalled, perhaps, since land enclosure and Luddite protest of the past.
From the 13th Century to the start of the 17th Century a gradual process of land enclosure and hedge planting took place, much of it allied to the increasing importance of sheep reared for wool.
Let's remember the peasants of Cwmwd Caio who fought against land enclosures and who gave us the call to action of "Trech Gwlad Nag Arglwydd" ("the land, not the lords") and the Gwerin of Mynydd Bach in Ceredigion, who in 1826 fought hard and long for their land in what became known as the "war of the Little Englishman" and became triumphant.