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oxyrinchus es la especie que presenta mayor fecundidad y camadas mas numerosas de la familia Lamnidae (Francis, 1996; Mollet et al.
Chondrichthyes Lamnidae Isurus oxyrinchus Rafinesque, 1810 Cetorhinidae Cetorhinus sp.
Phylogenetic analyses resolved ordinal relationships among Carcharhiniformes and Lamniformes, and revealed support for the families Sphyrnidae and Triakidae (within Carcharhiniformes) and Lamnidae and Alopidae (within Lamniformes).
Within this order, only the family Lamnidae received strong support, whereas support for a monophyletic Alopidae was moderate.
Martin AP: Systematics of the Lamnidae and the Origination Time of Carcharodon carcharias Inferred from the Comparative Analysis of Mitochondrial DNA Sequences.
naso Dogfishs Prionace glauca, Carcharhinidae Carcharhinus Lamnidae falciformis, Isurus Squalidae oxyrinchus, Squalus acanthias, Triakidae S.
The porbeagle (Lamna nasus), a pelagic shark in the family Lamnidae, inhabits the cold temperate waters of the North and South Atlantic, South Pacific, and southern Indian Oceans, as well as the subantarctic region of the Southern Ocean (Svetlov, 1978; Compagno, 1984).
Sanzo (1912) correctly placed the embryo in the family Lamnidae using only morphometric criteria.
Shortfin makos have the largest litters yet reported in the Lamnidae, reaching at ]east 18 (Branstetter, 1981; Mollet et al.
Corona con cuspide larga, erecta o levemente oblicua Notorhynchus cepedianus Clave 2: Orden Lamniformes: familias, generos y especies 1 (2) Dientes con o sin aserraduras, con o sin cuspides laterales Lamnidae 2 (1) Dientes sin aserraduras, sin cuspides laterales 3 (4) Dientes grandes a moderadamente grandes 4 (3) Dientes pequenos en forma de gancho, numerosos, sin forma de hoja, cuspide casi reclinada.
The porbeagle (Lamna nasus) is a large pelagic shark in the family Lamnidae that occurs in the cold, temperate waters of the North Atlantic, South Atlantic, and South Pacific oceans.
Rhincodontidae Rhincodon typus Smith, 1828 (1) Lamnidae Isurus oxyrinchus Rafinesque, + 1809 Isurus spp.