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the season of Lammas

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In "The Lammastide Flower" Pitter also explores immortality.
IT'S Lammastide and you may have noticed that the Games are being held this year in the ancient city of Mamucium.
So, come Lammastide When there'll be merry making Instead hereabouts it's a wake we'll be holding Since there'll be no more learning, Just a twisting and turning In the graves of the alumni And the late Mr Kirby To a final, sad airing Of "Oh Brother Man
Cape Town and Tappen Zee are also half-siblings to Easter Stakes winner Regiment and to Listed-placed Green's Ferneley and Lammastide.
Easter chicks before St Brigid's Day, or Christmas cards appearing before Lammastide perturb him and unbalance his joie de vivre.