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the season of Lammas

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In "The Lammastide Flower" Pitter also explores immortality.
You yellow spires of Lammastide That look not at me by beyond; You silent bells that mirror sky Yet hang so meekly to the ground; What, either far or deep descried, Holds you so rapt, in such a bond, One looking low, one looking high: What is that silence you have found?
IT'S Lammastide and you may have noticed that the Games are being held this year in the ancient city of Mamucium.
For all Caesar knows they could be plotting to take over some forgotten colony, but relax, it's only more time out at Lammastide to chair a champion.
Half-sister to Listed winners Cape Town (by Desert Style; also Classic-placed) and Regiment (by Shaadi), to Listed-placed winners Green's Ferneley (by Taufan) and Lammastide (by Martinmas), and to 2 lesser winners.