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arranged in or consisting of laminae


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Further, making something fiscally impossible, like installing a laminar flow hood, is no different than denying it outright.
Cytotoxicity assayNinety six well plates (Corning, USA) were opened under laminar flow hood and 100 l of cell suspension containing 105 cell/mL was added to each well except column 1 and 12, row A and H of well plate with multi-pippettor and incubated at37C for 24 h with 5% CO2.
Compact in design, the stand interfaces seamlessly with the assembly inside of a laminar flow hood to facilitate aseptic fluid transfer.
The Winged Sentry with its modular design and sturdy construction of carbon steel with polyester epoxy coating can also act as a laminar flow hood.
Samples were processed under a laminar flow hood to prevent contamination, and PCR assays were repeated twice.
An additional clean room contains a laminar flow hood for traditional IV compounding.
The heater was developed to solve issues associated with short-term assay incubations in a laminar flow hood environment.
Regardless, preparation must be done in a laminar flow hood with BSL-2 or greater containment capability.
CellCelector can fit into any standard laminar flow hood, thus ensuring cells remain contamination free.
52 ophthalmic lens kit 53 resuscitation kit 54 ultrasonic washing machine 55 cutting and gluing machine 56 the germicidal lamp 57 stative 58 pedal waste bag holder 59 partition 3 sections 60 washer water basin, 2 posts, E 61 laminar flow hood 62 water bath 63 biochemistry apparatus 64 endoscope video with accessories 65 audiometer 66 ent consultation chair 67 doctor~s seat 68 electrosurgical unit 69 autoclav.
It consists of a lightweight proton linear accelerator (linac) installed in a Medical Coaches mobile coach that is also outfitted with a laboratory containing a shielded mini-cell for housing a synthesis unit for FDG and a clean area with a class 3 laminar flow hood for dispensing.