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a thin outer covering of an object

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a thin plate or layer (especially of bone or mineral)

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Tumour invasion to lamina cribrosa along with optic nerve sheath and choroidal invasion--Three patients
The cerebral spinal fluid pressure can rise at night when the patient is supine causing flexure of the optic nerve head lamina cribrosa resulting in damage to the axons.
There is profound loss of cellularity from the optic disc to several millimeters behind the lamina cribrosa.
Superior length of IAM: the distance from the superior margin of the porus to the most lateral point of the fundus in the lamina cribrosa area for the superior vestibular nerve.
Senesco's Executive Vice President of Research commented, "Senesco's finding that our proprietary gene Factor 5A1 mediates TNF-alpha-induced apoptosis of lamina cribrosa cells has established that Factor 5A1 may be an important new target for the development of therapeutics for controlling glaucoma.
It has been suggested that constriction of the lamina cribrosa pores in glaucoma act to compress the exiting CRV, causing a reduction in blood outflow from the retina and subsequently raise the pressure within the vessel.
Elastosis of the lamina cribrosa in pseudoexfoliation syndrome with glaucoma.
High-risk features evaluated included the presence and extent of optic nerve (ON) invasion with respect to lamina cribrosa, the status of the ON cut margin, the presence of vitreous seedings, and invasion of the sclera, anterior chamber, and choroid.
The lamina cribrosa is a supporting structure for the optic nerve at the point of connection with the eye.
Superficial ODD can be easily identified as round deposits in ophthalmoscopic examination (Figure 1), whereas those located closer to the lamina cribrosa (Figure 2) may not be evident in this examination, requiring additional imaging modalities to confirm diagnosis.
22) No link has been specifically identified, but hypotheses exist that the higher CH measurement allows the lamina cribrosa to buffer the IOP rise, resulting in less damage to the nerves as they pass through the lamina; this can be pictured as the nerve tissue passes through the lamina cribrosa like electric cords passing through a hole in a wooden desk.
There will be no ophthalmoscopic changes in retro bulbar neuritis, unless the lesion is near to lamina cribrosa, so diagnosis is based on symptoms and investigations alone.
The slides of the PO section should contain the optic nerve head, lamina cribrosa, and postlaminar optic nerve in a single plane of section (Figure 3, c).
Senesco" or the "Company") (AMEX: SNT) today announced that inhibiting the expression of its patent-pending gene, apoptosis eucaryotic Initiation Factor 5A ("Factor 5A"), has been shown to reduce apoptosis (cell death) in preclinical studies with human lamina cribrosa cells from the optic nerve head of human eyes.