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Settlements Railways Highways 1 Asteraceae Asteraceae Asteraceae 2 Poaceae Poaceae Fabacea 3 Lamiaceae Fabaceae Poacea 4 Rosaceae Rosaceae Rosacea 5 Brassicaceae Caryophillaceae Brassicaceae 6 Fabaceae Lamiaceae Caryophillaceae 7 Apiaceae Brassicaceae Lamiaceae 8 Scrophulariaceae Scrophulariaceae Scrophulariaceae
Lamiaceae are also widely used in traditional medicine and to control insects (Kew Royal Botanic Gardens 2010).
Pogostemon cablin [patchouli], like many plants within the Lamiaceae, accumulates large amounts of essential oil.
rubrum Ericaceae Pernettya Euphorbiaceae Dysopsis Fabaceae Sophora Flacourtiaceae Azara Gunneraceae Gunnera Haloragaceae Haloragis Lamiaceae Cuminia (k) Lactoridaceae Lactoris (k) Loranthaceae Notanthera N.
Asteraceae 528 Poaceae 402 Cyperaceae 387 Fabaceae 181 Rosaceae 171 Lamiaceae 128 Scrophulariaceae 119 Brassicaceae 116 Ranunculaceae 99 Liliaceae 96 Apiaceae 89 Caryophyllaceae 85 Orchidaceae 73 Ericaceae 65 Polygonaceae 63 Juncaceae 56 Onagraceae 50 Euphorbiaceae 50
Oregano from Lamiaceae family is the most valued spice and the common name for a general aroma used worldwide as a seasoning [4,9,15,24].
1,5,6) Lamiaceae (Mint Family) Callicarpa americana L.
In general, Stachys lavandulifolia Vahl is an herbal medicinal plant from the Lamiaceae family and is used as an herbal tea.
Dracocephalum kotschyi is a Lamiaceae family and is one of our pharmaceutical Due to the effect of treatment in reducing fever, joint pain and rheumatism Traditionally it has been growing interest in the area has been used.
Among these plants, Sage (Salvia officinalis), is aromatic plant belonging to the Lamiaceae family, which is a perennial plants and native to Mediterranean area.
Spearmint belongs to the Lamiaceae family of plants, which is known to store their essential oils on or near the leaf surfaces [36].
Thymus vulgaris is a member of the family of Lamiaceae which are strongly aromatic and consist of approximately 38 species that are distributed in subtropical countries.