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an Old Testament book lamenting the desolation of Judah after the destruction of Jerusalem in 586 BC

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His look never changed throughout the whole of the scene, nor did a muscle move in his rigid countenance, even at the wildest or the most pathetic parts of the lamentation.
When we came to the village on the top of it, where the lord lived, we were surprised with the cries and lamentations of men that seemed to suffer or apprehend some dreadful calamity; and were told, upon inquiring the cause, that the inhabitants had been persuaded that we were the devil's missionaries, who came to seduce them from the true religion, that foreseeing some of their neighbours would be ruined by the temptation, they were lamenting the misfortune which was coming upon them.
Bonacieux uttered lamentations enough to break the heart of a tiger.
No sooner did we therefore hear my Edward's groan than postponing our lamentations for the present, we hastily ran to the Dear Youth and kneeling on each side of him implored him not to die--.
The warriors sat mute and mournful, while the women filled the air with loud lamentations.
How truthful an air of lamentations hangs here upon every syllable
I found a dismal letter from him on my arrival here, full of complaints of his wife and sister, and lamentations on the cruelty of his fate.
They were all drunk, and paid no heed to her cries and lamentations.
Dirk, with his vain lamentations, had begun to bore me, and I avoided his society.
At each fresh arrival, Mousqueton found fresh tears, and it was pitiful to see him press his throat with his fat hand to keep from bursting into sobs and lamentations.
As his sister continued her lamentations, he suddenly swore and struck her.
His entrance was followed by that of the widow, whose lamentations filled the room.
A moment later he was swinging through the black jungle night, the cries and lamentations of Momaya growing fainter in the distance.
A proof of the infallibility of the foregoing receipt, in the lamentations of the widow; with other suitable decorations of death, such as physicians, &c.
Daddy Jacques showed a stupidly sorrowful face and with silly lamentations kept repeating that we were mistaken--the keeper could not be the assailant.