lame duck

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an elected official still in office but not slated to continue

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Many of the Lame Ducks have never skated prior to their postings to Ottawa, but mastering basic hockey skills is some thing these warriors take very seriously.
A lame duck is an elected official whose power has waned after being defeated for re-election, deciding not to run again, or not running again because term limits won't allow it.
A narrowly divided electorate now having spoken, we expect discussions to begin anew with some urgency in the lame duck session.
Magill said the ATM bill has a 50/50 shot of being passed during the lame duck session.
The current session of Congress appears to be proving that lame ducks are the only politicians who can get anything done.
Ironically, they did much to make sure he was labelled a lame duck Prime Minister.
Goldie Alexander (text) Lame Duck Protest IP Kidz, 2009 unpaged $24.
Whoever woulda thunk that lame duck HHS Commissioner John Stephen would be able to have John Lynch over a barrel over funding for developmentally disabled services?
It may be that Washington's lame duck mentality has spread.
Sherry Bebitch Jeffe of the University of Southern California said now that Schwarzenegger is a lame duck and Assembly Republicans have chosen a more assertive leader -- Assemblyman Michael Villines, R-Fresno -- there is no longer the motivation to play nice.
As Bush becomes a lame duck and the presidential race begins without a consensus nominee, a party that has papered over every choice about its direction will meet reality.
Look for the coming lame duck session to be one large horse-swapping
Before control of Congress passes to the Democrats in January, the 109th Congress will return to Washington this week for a lame duck session to complete work on unfinished business, including action on domestic spending.
With a majority in place, they will be able to stifle Bush pretty well for the next two lame duck years.
He said he will not be a lame duck, but "will continue to give this my very best between now and the General Synod.