lame duck

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an elected official still in office but not slated to continue

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Unfortunately for the president, his lame duck status has intensified dramatically," commentator Chris Stirewalt said on a Fox News political talk show here at home.
Michael Bopp, a Washington-based lawyer who represents the Coalition for Derivatives End-Users, says, "The Coalition is optimistic that the Senate will take up and pass our margin and centralized treasury unit bills during the lame duck session.
Save all that for later: The news right now is that this governor's point of view is prevailing on a couple of big issues that might lie beyond the powers of the average lame duck in state government.
We're not a lame duck because precisely that is what [the bonuses were]-without our authorization.
If he gets the authority, it shows that he's not a lame duck, that he still has some power,'' said John Feehery, a Republican strategist and former House GOP leadership aide.
A great deal was accomplished in the lame duck session of 2010, in large part because Democrats and Republicans agreed to compromise.
McKechnie said industry lobbyists continue to work behind the scenes to build support for passage of the bill during the lame duck session; that controversy could be resolved so the combined measure could move forward.
Instead of being a lame duck, let it rise from the ashes and become a phoenix as St Peter's has.
One thing I hope people have seen in this lame duck is, I am persistent.
According to William Safire's "Political Dictionary," a lame duck is a wounded creature, "An officeholder whose power is diminished because he is soon to leave office as a result of defeat or statutory limitation.
In addition to these human service issues, the lame duck will probably consider--if not act on--several other topics.
Unless an extension of unemployment benefits is attached to an eventual deal on the Bush tax cuts, there is little likelihood that it will pass during the lame duck session.
Goldie Alexander (text) Lame Duck Protest IP Kidz, 2009 unpaged $24.
The car industry is not a lame duck and I am not proposing a bail-out," said Lord Mandelson, secretary of state for business.
Whoever woulda thunk that lame duck HHS Commissioner John Stephen would be able to have John Lynch over a barrel over funding for developmentally disabled services?