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(Greek mythology) king of Thebes who was unwittingly killed by his son Oedipus

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Teiresias, informs Oedipus that Oedipus himself killed Laius.
The Sophoclean version of King Laius is given pride of place in Weineck's study insofar as Laius exemplifies the silent (in fact, always already dead [29]) father that condemns his offspring to repeat his repressive and morbid constitution.
His curse on the man who killed Laius, for example, shows a dangerous confidence in his own judgment--a choice that will rebound against him later in the play.
In The Tragedy of Fatherhood: King Laius and the Politics of Paternity in the West Silke-Maria Weineck argues that fatherhood is an essentially tragic structure.
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C'est, en substance, le contenu du laius prononce par Khellaf Righi a l'occasion de l'inauguration lundi dernier, au Theatre regional de Bejaia (TRB), de l'exposition sur le patrimoine materiel et immateriel qui se poursuivra jusqu'au 24 du mois courant.
Laius and Abraham are called upon to sacrifice their sons by virtue of having a son in the world where time threatens.
Similarly, as in the myth of Abraham and Isaac, or of Laius and Oedipus, the ancients used to sacrifice their firstborn son while unconsciously projecting their infanticidal wishes onto their gods.
Antigone's assertive decidedness becomes particularly apparent in her exchanges with her sister Ismene, perhaps the only family member who tries to escape the tragic family curse of the house of Laius by considering her options before acting on them resolutely.
Translated into Classical terms, our analysis brings into question Oedipal interpretations of Victor's role, revealing instead a tragedy which, as concerns his story, resembles primarily not that of Oedipus but rather of Laius.
8) On Russian-German exchanges and interaction in the field of science and technology, see Eduard Kolchinskii, Dietrich Beyrau, and Iuliia Laius, eds.
In Oedipus Rex Laius, fearing that his son will displace him, has him exposed to the elements.
Roscher), the Greek He-Lios being etymologically quite close to Laius, i.
In Jocasta's retrospective, one measure of the universal revulsion toward the Oedipal conflict can be surmised in her readiness to confess to the lesser crime of infanticide, as she recounts how more than a generation earlier she and Laius had tried to defuse the original prophecy by putting their infant son out to die.