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Synonyms for liaison

Synonyms for liaison

a usually secretive or illicit sexual relationship

a channel for communication between groups

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To almost everyone's surprise, the Germans began to surrender after the Canadians crossed the Laison River, a river in name only as it was little more than a muddy creek.
Independently from NDR he holds positions within ARD: At the turn of 1992/93 he became chairman of the ARD, he is a member of the ARD's information group on foreign affairs and represents the ARD as TV Laison Officer for the ABU.
Jim Frogue, Chief Laison for The Center for Health Transformation, working with state policy projects focusing on Medicaid and Health Savings Accounts;
Providing hot laison home meals for the elderly and school meals.
Ibrahim Panwala Sheikh Shakil Ahmad Dhingra, Chairman Standing Committee, laison with FBR, Mr.
It was reported that the Cavern DJ had asked Lennon about his suspected homosexual laison with group manager Brian Epstein.
Tim Waterstone; Michael Watt; West Midlands Trade Union Laison Committee; Phyliss White; Kingsley Williams; Richard Wilson; G Wright.
This consultation relates to the work of supply and installation of water pipes in the work of laison between the Marillet purification plant, the water tank on the ground spruce on the town of La Boissiere Landes and By-Pass plant potabilisaton of Graon.