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Synonyms for laid

set down according to a plan:"a carefully laid table with places set for four people"


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Although jack pine is known to be tolerant of drought (Schoenike, 1962; Rudolph and Laidly, 1990; Asselin et al.
As stated earlier, jack pine seedlings can survive and grow in xeric conditions (Schoenike, 1962; Rudolph and Laidly, 1990; Gauthier et al.
A majority of these shade-intolerant jack pine seedlings (Schoenike, 1962; Rudolf and Laidly, 1990; Gauthier et al.
resinosa are relatively shade intolerant and do not usually persist for long in mixed forest in the absence of disturbance, especially fire (Rudolf 1990, Rudolph and Laidly 1990).
She said that "when Brown went to the Laidly street house one day, after he had been there several times to collect money, Teresa told him to hang his coat in the closet.