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United States economist who proposed the Laffer curve (born in 1940)

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Laffer, supply-side pioneer and creator of the Laffer Curve, said: "The Committee's website will be consistently updated with articles and editorials from numerous thought leaders in the economic world.
The Laffer curve is related to the trade-off between distribution (how the pie is shared) and efficiency (the size of the pie) in two ways: First, if the tax rate to be chosen affects very high earners (whose well-being is not very sensitive to small changes in after-tax earnings), then the revenue-maximizing tax rate approximately coincides with the socially optimal tax rate (i.
Tobacco taxes represent an essential source of tax revenue for most countries across the globe," Laffer said during today's release of his Handbook of Tobacco Taxation - Theory and Practice .
With his consultancy partners Art Laffer and Peter Tanous, Moore also wrote The End of Prosperity (Threshold Editions, 2008), which offers great insight into the bank investment and mortgage/real estate collapse.
Arthur Laffer, as the first lecturer in this series.
Laffer Associates researchers used data from drug testing company Millennium Laboratories to conduct the analysis, which is believed to break new ground in examining both the costs and benefits of testing specifically for the chronic pain treatment population.
When he gets to his analysis, Quiggin's objection is not to the Laffer curve per se, but to what he calls the "Laffer hypothesis," the idea that a cut in marginal tax rates will increase government revenue.
Australian wine legend Philip Laffer has retired as chief winemaker of Jacob's Creek and will step down from his international duties at the end of the year.
He relates how economist Robert Mundell and Arthur Laffer, Wall Street Journal editor Robert Bartley, congressman Jack Kemp, economic forecaster Norman Ture, reporter Jude Wanniski, and other figures demonstrated how the income tax and the Federal Reserve play a primary role in starting and perpetuating an economic crisis, and how tax cuts and stable money were the key to economic growth.
Arthur Laffer is the economist who popularized the idea that after a certain point tax increases are counterproductive - the added tax burden discourages economic activity, resulting in lower revenues.
The Laffer Curve is also popularly associated with Republican politicians.
Perhaps American economist Arthur Laffer, who studied the inverse relationship between tax rates and tax collections, wasn't even known as an economist then.
He referred to the Laffer curve, a graph named after economist Arthur Laffer, which shows tax revenues rise to a limited extent when tax rates increase, but actually start falling if tax rates become too high.
Noel Gallagher also invited their lead singer Jae Laffer to support him on his acoustic tour.
Now it appears that some Democrats, including President Obama, have grasped the idea behind the Laffer curve and the potential for more revenue by lowering tax rates.