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I had no delusions that a talent scout would spot me in my Lady Bug Warrior cape and make me a star.
IN THE PINK Glenda Gilson RACE ACE Rosemary Ryan EXHAUSTED Tired but proud LADY BUG Laura Winter COOL RUNNINGS Dublin Fire Brigade keep runners cool in Donnybrook village GIRL POWER Flora Women's Mini Marathon starts in Dublin yesterday
Lord of the Rings director Peter Jackson celebrated his Oscar win with a few Lady Bug rings from the Love Bug collection.
A cute Australian product is also on display at the Wheely Bug Toys booth featuring children's rides in two sizes and various themes -- bumble bee, cow, lady bug, tiger and mouse.
With names like Sweet and Spicy Sesame Noodles, Mega Turkey Nacho Dinner, Not-Fried Chicken on the Ranch and Peeler Salad, Giant Chicken Tost-achos, Brocco-Cheese Burritos, Lady Bug Pizzas, there's no excuse for not cooking and having some fun in the kitchen.
The flowers were designed exclusively by the Lady Bug Flower Shoppe.
Sanchez and Byron are special guests, and they join forces on Lady Bug.
Grapes that the winery used to sell on the bulk market are blended and sold as Lady Bug Red, now the winery's best-selling wine.
It has a 26-inch long broom and comes in leopard, lady bug and zebra patterns.
For example, when I teach about insects, I put up material with a lady bug pattern.
The stewards inquired into the use of the whip by Wendy Fox, rider of Lady Bug, on the way to the start and at the start in the bumper, where the mare refused to race.
Consider a passage from Mother Goose that appears as an epigraph for the title story of Ariel Dorfman's new collection of short narratives in English translation, My House Is on Fire: "Lady bug, lady bug,/Fly away home.
Little also has a Lady Bug category with professional lady drivers to ensure womens safety on the road a first in Kenya and Africa.
Sabrina's vibrant design features blue, red and green stripes over a yellow background with orange checkers on the back and a lady bug on the roof.