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a lake in northwestern Russia to the north of St. Petersburg

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Some authors have emphasized emigration from southern Estonia to the basin of Northern Dvina River, and from the coastal areas of Finland to the southern banks of Lake Ladoga.
Pete Hodkin, from Lower Stondon, in Bedfordshire, was diving what has been known for many years as wreck 355 when, among the debris, he discovered the ship's bell bearing its real name, The SS Ladoga.
We stayed at the great island monastery on Lake Ladoga, disbanded when Russia annexed it and most of Eastern Finland a few years later.
Its composition closely resembles that of a Byzantine prototype from the Church of the Blachernae in Constantinople, which disappeared from the church in 1383 and, according to tradition, reappeared later that year near Lake Ladoga in Russia.
Deerpark Stud offers Lake Ladoga (958), a daughter of the US Grade 1-placed Viz who is in foal to Sakhee's Secret.
In fact, they represent what after the World War II was left, in political Finland, of a province which extends westwards and northwards from lake Ladoga, formerly a partly Finnish, partly Russian lake and now entirely in Russian territory.
This does not convey a picture of what really happened: Peter sent her in 1698 to a convent in Suzdal and later Ladoga, and she was imprisoned only after Peter died in 1725.
It extends as an almost continuous, but indented and lobated arc from the western coast of the Island of Oland in Sweden over the Baltic Sea via the northern coast of Estonia to Lake Ladoga in Russia (Fig.
This essay is excerpted from his prize-winning memoir, Scaramucce sul Lago Ladoga (2004).
One case of non-cooperation that infuriated Marshal Mannerheim was the Luftwaffe's refusal to interdict Russian forces retreating from the Finns by boat across Lake Ladoga in August 1941.
Founded by graduates of the Municipal Choir School in July 1992, the quartet takes its name from the Konevets Island and Monastery, which lies 100 miles north east of St Petersburg on Lake Ladoga.
By early fall, the Volkhov Front, at the cost of about an army, has reduced the German hold on the Ladoga shore to seven miles.
New state report: INDIANA: Jasper County, Remington, ex bee hive, 14 June 2000; Koskiusko County, Scott Township, Etna Green, ex bee hive, 22 May 2000; Marshall County, Plymouth, ex bee hive, 30 June 2000; Montgomery County, Crawfordsville, ex bee hive, 17 June 2000; Montgomery County, Ladoga, ex bee hive, 1 June 2000; Newton County, Morocco, ex bee hive, 25 May 2000; Porter County, port of entry, Burns Harbor, Trap 13, 24 May 1999, C.