Lactuca sativa

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annual or perennial garden plant having succulent leaves used in salads

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Lactuca sativa is one of the most consumed verdure in Brazil and the third most consumed vegetable with respect to the volume of production, second only to watermelon and tomato (ABCSEM, 2015).
Todas as variaveis das plantulas (% de germinacao, comprimento e peso da materia seca) de Lactuca sativa apresentaram diferencas significativas a partir da primeira concentracao do extrato e foram nulas a partir de 15 % de concentracao (Tabela 2), sugerindo a presenca de aleloquimicos nas folhas de Nicotiana glauca.
moschata, this work is aimed at comparing the allelopathic effects of Cryptocarya moschata and Ocotea odorifera aqueous leaf extracts on the germination and initial development of Lactuca sativa (lettuce).
Table II: Germination index (GI), expressed in % of control, of test species: Lactuca sativa, Raphanus.
botrytis "coliflor"; Brassica rapa "nabo"; Lactuca sativa "lechuga"; Nicotiana tabacum "tabaco silvestre".
OUR humble lettuce, Lactuca sativa is now so diverse, that it is difficult to imagine a clump of wild lettuce growing on a rocky hillside in the Mediterranean.
The quality and chemical composition of Lactuca sativa plants as affected by the three sources and levels of N are shown in Table 4.
TABLE 3-2 Seed Viability if Stored at Optimal Conditions NAME GENUS AND SPECIES YEARS OF VIABILITY American elm seeds Ulmus americana <1 Beet Beta vulgaris 5-10 Carrot Daucus carota 5-10 Corn Zea mays 2 Cottonwood Populus deltoides <1 Lettuce Lactuca sativa 5-10 Lotus Lotus spp.
The purpose of this research is to determine if tomato, coffee bean, marigold, and pecan leaf extracts will inhibit the growth of Brassica oleracea italica (Broccoli) and Lactuca sativa (Lettuce).