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The genus Lactuca is distributed in temperate and warm regions,
75% respectively, for Lactuca sativa and Sesamum indicum in the presence of 200mM/lit NaCl were 25.
Dietary fiber, amino acid, fatty acid and tocopherol contents of the edible seaweeds Ulva lactuca and Durvillaea antartica.
Intensive collections during the spring, summer and fall over a six-year period (1987-1992), with a variety of gears (throwtrap, seines, otter trawls, beam trawls; Sogard and Able, 1991; Rountree and Able, 1992; Szedlmayer and Able, 1996) including benthic suction sampling in a variety of habitats (Zostera marina, Ulva lactuca, unvegetated sand and mud, including marsh creeks) (K.
This bioassay was also employed to assess upland and wild rice against Echinocldoa crus-galli, Indigofera hirsuta, and Lactuca sativa (Maneechote & Krasaesindhu, 1996) and Triticum spp against wild oat (Avena fatua) and Indian hedge mustard (Sisymbriu m orientate) (Hashem & Adkins, 1998).
Scientific name Common name Vegetables Pisum sativae Garden pea Lactuca sativa Lettuce cv butterhead Brassica oleraceae cv Acephala Kale Phaseolus vulgaris Green bean Daucus carota Carrot Brassicae oleracea cv Capitata Cabbage Brassica oleracea cv Gemmifera Brussels sprouts Allium cepeae Onion Cucumis sativa Cucumber Allium sativum Garlic Brassica oleracea cv Acephala Collards Solanum melongea Eggplant Solanum lycopersicum Tomato Capsicum annuum Bell pepper Apium graveolens Celery Abelmoschus esculentus Okra Foeniculum vulgare Fennel Zea mays Sweet corn Ornamental plants Nerium oleander Oleander Hippeastratum sp.
Species Years when present C value None in years 1-5 Acer saccharum 17-50 4 Crataegus crus-galli 17-50 4 Liparis loeselh 17 4 Galium triflorum 27-50 5 Ophioglossum vulgatum 27 4 Lactuca floridana 35-50 5 Carex amphibola 38 8 Carex radiata 38 4 Rubus occidentales 38 4 Smilax lasioneuron 38 4 Fraxinum americana 38-50 4 Leersia virginica 38-50 4 Asimina triloba 50 6 Carya ovata 50 4 Galium circaezans 50 7 Packera obovata 50 7 Prunus serotina 50 4 Ranunculus recurvatus 50 5 Symphyotrichum shortii 50 6
lividus from the Adriatic Sea that they justified by the almost total absence of this fatty acid in UIva lactuca, the main algae consumed by the sea urchin in this location.
capitata, Chinese cabbage, Coleus blumei, Cucumis sativus, Hibiscus esculentus, Pisum sativum, Raphanus sativus, and Lycopersicon esculentum exposed to 14 fg Hg vapor/l, radicle emergence was not substantially reduced, but in Mentha sylvestris and Lactuca saliva it was reduced by 50%.
Collection Region host plant sites JJ, Jeju-si Lamium amplexicaule greenhouse JJ, Jeju-si Conyza sumatrensis near greenhouse JJ, Seogwipo-si Lycopersicon esculentum greenhouse JJ, Seogwipo-si Lamium amplexicaule near greenhouse JJ, Seogwipo-si Conyza sumatrensis outdoors JJ, Seogwipo-si Malva pusilla near greenhouse JJ, Seogwipo-si Lamium amplexicaule near greenhouse JJ, Jeju-si Lycopersicon esculentum greenhouse JJ, Seogwipo-si Leonurus sibiricus near greenhouse JJ, Jeju-si Conyza sumatrensis greenhouse JJ, Jeju-si Lycopersicon esculentum greenhouse JJ, Jeju-si Conyza sumatrensis greenhouse JJ, Seogwipo-si Veronica persica near greenhouse JJ, Seogwipo-si Lycopersicon esculentum greenhouse JJ, Jeju-si Malva pusilla near greenhouse JJ, Jeju-si Lactuca indica var.
Evaluation of superabsorbent, irrigation cycle application and the application method on Lactuca sativa.
1 Asteraceae Native Cony--a canadensis Asteraceae Native Erigeron annuus Asteraceae Native Lactuca canadensis Asteraceae Introduced Lactuca serriola Asteraceae Native Pyrrhopappus carolinianus Asteraceae Native Solidago canadensis Asteraceae Native Taraxacum officinale Brassicaceae Introduced Capsella burla pastoris Convolvulaceae Native Calystegia sepium Chenopodiaceae -- Chenopodium sp.