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Lactuca sativa is one of the most consumed verdure in Brazil and the third most consumed vegetable with respect to the volume of production, second only to watermelon and tomato (ABCSEM, 2015).
Our analysis reported algae consumption in all seasons, including Caulerpa filiformis, Rhodymenia corallina, Codium peruvianum and Ulva lactuca.
The seaweed Ulva lactuca was provided as a food option in these experiments.
We can mention here that some compounds were investigated and analyzed by GC-MS, and some others were identified from the methanolic extract of Lactuca and Santolina.
Shpigel M, Ragg NL, Lapatasch I, Neori A (1999) Protein content determines the nutritional value of seaweed Ulva lactuca L.
2010) using concentrations from 0 to 4% of leaves and fruit extracts of Duranta repens on Lactuca sativa, observed that the seedlings fresh weight also decreased with the increase of the concentrations.
It has also been found that diets including 20% Ulva lactuca were not refused by ruminants (Arieli et al.
The intertidal and shallow water cosmopolitan green alga, Ulva lactuca, is the favoured habitat of Eleutheria dichotoma (Fraser et al.
Otros generos responsables o sospechosos de causar alergias en alguna forma son Andryala, Arctotheca, Argyranthemum, Arnoseris, Bellis, Carlina, Cichorium, Cirsium, Cnidoscolus, Coleostephus, Crepis, Dendranthema, Dittrichia, Echinops, Galactites, Gerbera, Helenium, Hieracium, Inula, Iva, Lactuca, Lapsana, Phagnalon, Pulicaria, Sonchus, Tagetes, Tolpis, etc.