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1 0 Monacanthus ciliatus 184 2 Monacanthus tuckeri 113 8 Ogcocephalidae Ogcocephalus nasutus 3 0 Halieutichthys aculeatus 4 0 Ophidiidae All species 5 0 Ostraciidae Lactophrys spp.
The pelagic species hardhead halfbeak, Chriodorus atherinoides, and leatherjack, Oligoplites saurus, were not common, and the scrawled cowfish, Lactophrys quadricornis; the striped burrfish, Chilomycterus schoepfi; and the great barracuda, Sphyraena barracuda, were all observed only once.
Tangs V Acanthurus bahianus Ocean surgeon V T Acanthurus coeruleus Blue tang V Scombridae Thunnus atlanticus Blackfin tuna Tr Balistidae Balistidae Triggerfish V Balistes vetula Queen triggerfish V P, T Canthidermis sufflamen Ocean triggerfish V P, Sn Melichthys niger Black durgon V P, Sn Xanthichthys ringens Sargassum triggerfish V Cantherhines macrocerus Whitespotted filefish V Ostraciidae Lactophrys sp.
Unidentifed filefish Ostraciidae, Boxfishes 158 Lactophrys spp.
Unidentified chub 62 Lachnolaimus maximus Hogfish 63 Lactophrys spp.