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Synonyms for lachrymal

of or relating to tears


relating to or located near the organ that produces tears


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These glands connect by narrow tubes to the lacrymal sacs on each side of the nose, compressed by muscles during blinking to keep the eyes moist.
Il est le principal divertissement moderne--notamment par son appendice televisuel et devedeen--si l'on appelle << divertissement >> ce qui consolide les opinions etablies par le rire bete, le frisson innocent, le sexe de pacotille, l'Histoire mensongere, l'horreur tapageuse, l'amour lacrymal et la musique de cabaret.
Mere impression of oblique grey lacrymal stripe through iris and pupil, only faintly visible on cheeks.
The condition had not affected her auditory, lacrymal or renal systems as in other reported cases but this serves to illustrate the variable systemic expression of LADD syndrome.
Normalement, la frequence du clignement est de l'ordre de 12 a 20 par minute, permettant la formation d'un nouveau film lacrymal avant la rupture du precedent.