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French architect who was among the first to use metal construction successfully (1801-1875)

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Labrouste did not abandon the studious archaeological fidelity evidenced in his Pantheon study when staging his revolution on folio paper, which was mounted both in terms of and in mordant response to the Neoclassical ideals codified and transmitted by the very academy that had sent him to Rome.
A visionary master of the sectional cut, Labrouste delivered the coup de grace in the form of a perspective view, drawing the eye to the writing (graffiti) on the walls.
With his restoration of Paestum, Labrouste engendered an architecture of time and place, a contemporary architecture the likes of which he himself felt called to produce when he returned to France, as if via, the imagined frontier bridge that he submitted for his culminating fifth-year envoi--a subtly subversive design at once densely autobiographical and conspicu-ously structurally sound.
One of the many lessons Labrouste offers here is that architecture, like the institutions it embodies and instills, does not merely emerge from, nor is it reducible to, what appears on the sheet, but is rather the composite and concrete fictive reality that results from seeing through drawing.
Labrouste draws out a language of expressive ornament from the construction itself.
Labrouste is posed as the source of several gathering currents of modern architecture, supportingBergdoll's salutary attempt to reclaim the "avant-garde" as a particu-lar artistic stance emerging from the utopian socialist milieu of Paris circa 1830.
The pervading paradox of the exhibition is that the typology of the library that Labrouste magisterially imag-ined is now threatened with its own overthrow: Once jealously guarded repositories of irreplaceable stores of knowledge, libraries are forced to both promulgate and be subject to radically amended terms and means of access.
The purpose of this contract is to entrust its owner with the performance of security, safety and reception services for the spaces of the "Galerie Colbert" site located at 2 rue Vivienne, 75002 Paris and reception hall Labrouste and Of its central store located at 58 rue Richelieu, 75002 Paris.
Voluntary ex ante transparency notice: quadrilateral richelieu - restoration of the north facade of the hall labrouste - lot 2: lead and zinc roofing
Quadrilateral Richelieu - Restoring the north side of the room Labrouste - Lot 2: Lead and zinc roofing
In this respect it not only builds on a distinguished typological tradition rooted in the work of Wren, Labrouste and McKim, Mead & White but also explores issues related to the immediate physical environment and the setting of the building in a relatively harsh northern climate.
The first is exemplified by Schinkel, the second by Deane and Woodward's Ruskin-inspired Oxford Museum, and the third by Labrouste, Semper, Viollet-le-Duc, and Root's Monadnock Building of 1890-92.