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Damselfish V Pomacentrus partitus Bicolor damselfish V Pomacentrus planifrons Threespot damselfish T Sphyraenidae Sphyraena barracuda Great barracuda V, L Tr, Sn Labridae Labridae Wrasses V Bodianus rufus Spanish hogfish V Clepticus parrae Creole wrasse V Halichoeres garnoti Yellowhead wrasse V Thalassoma bifasciatum Bluehead wrasse V Scaridae Scaridae Parrotfishes V Scarus sp.
A number of diagnostic skeletal elements (particularly otoliths) from other fish species are complete enough to allow measurement, but comparative data for these species were not available (Serranidae, Labridae, Platycephalus fuscus, Pseudolabrus tetricus, Rhabdosargus sarba, Sciaena antarctica, Sillago ciliata, Sillago sp.
The fishes of the families Pomacentridae, Labridae, and Callyodontidae, collected by the United States Bureau of Fisheries steamer "Albatross," chiefly in Philippine seas and adjacent waters.
Unindentified larvae) I Labridae Doratonotus megalepis Gtinther, 1862 O Halichoeres brasiliensis (Bloch, 1791) O Halichoeres poeyi (Steindachner, 1867) O Hslichoeres sp.
It is evident that the Pomacentridae, Labridae and Callyodontidae form a natural bloc which could readily be studied together.
Phylogenetic relationships and evolutionary history of the reef fish family Labridae.
Reallocation of some of these species to other genera may result in Cirrhilabrus being the largest genus of Labridae.
The primary families include: Acanthuridae, Carangidae, Gerreidae, Holocentridae, Kyphosidae, Labridae, Lethrinidae, Lutjanidae, Mugilidae, Mullidae, Scaridae, and Siganidae.
The most heavily represented family was the Serranidae, followed by the Monacanthidae, Pomacentridae, Labridae, Carangidae, Scorpaenidae, Tetraodontidae, and Chaetodontidae.
Seven other families contributed at more than 1% by %N, the most important ones being the Labridae (9.
14 Microspathodon chrysurus -- -- -- Labridae Bodianus pulchellus -- -- -- Bodiarzus rufus -- -- -- Decodon puellaris -- -- 0.