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evergreen shrub of eastern North America having white or creamy bell-shaped flowers and dark green hairy leaves used for tea during American Revolution

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rubra, Shepherdia soapberry canadensis Evergreen shrubs: Labrador tea Ledum decumbens, Andromeda 66 and Andromeda polifolia Crowberry and Empetrum nigrum, Vaccinium 53 lingonberry vitis-idaea Dryas and Dryas integrifolia, Silene acaulis 140 Silene Cassiope Cassiope tetragona 50
Our data sets suggest significant changes in the above-ground biomass bulk density with mean height change for five Arctic plant groups--willow, birch, Labrador tea and Andromeda, graminoids, and forbs--while other Arctic plant groups show no systematic change.
26 Blueberry, bearberry, 10543 and soapberry Labrador tea and Max(872, 655.
willow, birch, Labrador tea and Andromeda, graminoids, and forbs), the use of c x h x d(h), or the CHD method, significantly improves the estimation of aboveground biomass (Table 2).
Also commonly found in back-to-basics-type magazines is information on identifying and preparing teas such as Labrador Tea from the Heath family, and New Jersey Tea from the Buckthorn family, as they most closely approximate, in taste, the store bought oriental varieties we are all used to.
Zodiacs headed over to the mainland shore for a climb up a spongy slope--carpeted with Arctic cotton and heather, blue harebells, Labrador Tea, and wintergreen--to a hillside cave where well-preserved 500-year-mummies of seven women, two boys, and an infant had been discovered.
Wild rhubarb and Labrador tea were popular in Old Crow, Aklavik, and Fort McPherson.
In times past, every Puget Sound kitchen had its "mix," a homemade herbal tea based on the leaves of the Labrador tea plant (Ledum ssp).
Most people today have never heard of Labrador tea, but the plant grows wild across the north of the continent, and there's no reason you can't create your own cost effective herbal tea, too.
Labrador tea is said to be pharmacologically active, and various "experts" have attributed diverse short-term side effects to its use.
The real fun is adding other flavors to the Labrador tea to create your own private blend.