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a political party formed in Great Britain in 1900

a left-of-center political party formed to represent the interest of ordinary working people

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I believe at our best the Labour Party embodies the values we hold dear - a belief in fairness and justice, compassion and community that combines with our support for enterprise and opportunity.
Rhiannon Vickers has produced a very readable survey of the main themes in the foreign policy of the Labour Party from 1900-51.
But all of us, Protestant and Catholic alike, were still being denied the right to become individual members of the Labour Party - the party that actually governs us, whether or not there is an Assembly in place.
Labour Party PLC mostly does not delve much into these changes, except in the area of privatization.
They have done everything in their power to muffle unions, damp down the enthusiasm of grassroots activists in communities like this historic mining town, and marginalize committed socialists such as Chesterfield's Benn, the longest serving Labour Party member in parliament.
Gradually, the SDP made a wholehearted commitment to the market economy and to free enterprise--words never used in the Labour party.
After using Convera's (Nasdaq:CNVR) intelligent search and retrieval solutions to great effect in the 1997 general election, the Labour Party has expanded its use of RetrievalWare by deploying the technology to monitor and search across multiple information sources, including the Internet, enabling faster responses to breaking situations.
It was these characteristics that defined the Labour Party historically as a "capitalist workers' party", with a leadership at the top which invariably reflected the policy of the capitalist class, but with a socialistic ideological basis to the party and a structure through which workers could move to challenge the leadership and threaten the capitalists' interests.
What part of democracy has the Parliamentary Labour Party become disillusioned with?
Although he led the Labour Party to three election victories, his reputation has been tarnished.
e nal decision on the party's candidate for Sherbourne is set to be announced on Tuesday after a vote from registered Labour party members in the ward.
The Labour Party has already reached out to the working class with a promised hike in minimum wages from $14.
At the end of the leaflet it has got a section asking if you would like to join the Labour Party and if so to complete the form for PS5 a year or you can pay by direct debit.
SILLY Mili (Ed Miliband) has only got himself to blame after being suckered into his macho man show of strength by David Cameron who goaded him saying that the Labour party was in the pocket of the trade unions.
IN 1979 Neil Kinnock and many luminaries of the Labour Party fought tooth and nail to stop Wales having self government.