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requiring a large expenditure of labor but not much capital

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This effect suggests that for a given technology, trade and wages are linked through the changes in relative prices of skilled and unskilled labor intensive products.
This can be labor intensive and can impact the reliability of the client.
The advantage of importing comes in those products that are labor intensive.
In particular, the proposed rule fails to distinguish between capital and labor intensive lines of business.
With this strategic expansion, the WRAP acronym, which has come to stand for social compliance in apparel, will now stand for social compliance in any labor intensive production process.
Staffed with highly experienced engineers, FS&D offers both ferrous and non-ferrous foundries professional assistance in rationalizing labor intensive processes by mechanization and automation in order to become competitive.
These systems arc said to eliminate the need for labor intensive manual scrubbing and caustic chemicals by removing residues from surfaces while they are hot, energized and in place.
By the mid-1990s, we knew that distributed computing and its management was often significantly more expensive, created redundancy, and was more labor intensive than managing resources centrally.
Initially, the SSA warehouse and supply chain operations were done manually and very labor intensive, which resulted in system inaccuracies and delays in getting product to our customers," said SSA Project Manager Gary Orem.
The promise of ILM is very enticing to end users, but the execution can be extremely labor intensive.
YIC's products are labor intensive and require copper and plastic resins as major inputs.
Each was developed by a different vendor, which made the process of managing each system very labor intensive," said Perry Strength, director of information services for SACH.
E[acute accent]Extraction of artemisinin from the wormwood plant is labor intensive and, in some developing countries, it is produced by a diesel fuel purification process that may retain toxic impurities in the final drug product.
The manual process is highly labor intensive and can be time-consuming, resulting in a significant challenge for Clerk's staff to keep with the growing volume of incoming documents to be processed.
This process is variable, labor intensive and time-consuming since it requires numerous growth cycles and isolation steps until a cell line is optimized for antibody production.